South Park is alive and well.

Historic South Park Jazz FestivalRob Podiak said it best, “After living here for 15 years, this is finally becoming the neighborhood I’ve always wanted to live in” as we were running back to his house to pick up more all-beef hot dogs for the grill he was running to feed the volunteers at the first annual Historic South Park Jazz Festival.

With the AIA 150 architectural plan complete, Rehabarama II coming in a few days- and with an amazing central location, unique homes, walking distance to Miami Valley Hospital, University of Dayton, the Oregon District and downtown- Historic South Park is the best place to live in Dayton.

You can see some great photos of the event at the Dayton Daily News site here: 

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South Park is great…… but it is not the best place to live in Dayton.

This is not a competition, but you are trying hard to make it one…….

Dayton communities need to work together, get that hockey out of ya’……

OPEN places that are closed, you know, big tipper……… gifted


South Park IS the best place in Dayton!!! Let’s hear a cheer:

City Water, City Grass
Gene can stick his opinion
Up his …

(Cheering continues…)We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re #1! etc. ad nauseum


Thanks for the post and the links to the pics, David. Looks like the Jazz Festival was a great success. I’ll look to your blog for updates on Rehabarama. What an exciting time for South Park! Our 10 years there convinced us that South Park absolutely is the best place in Dayton to live!


Again, I LOVE SOUTH PARK……. but to lable yourself (in this case, your neiborhood) the best is a bit much. We can compare crime stats as well as all vital stats for Dayton neiborhoods, but what is “the best?”

The Jazz was great.

South Park needs a good bar………….


Bill, you’re a big part of making South Park great. You’re always there to help those who encourage inner-city improvement, from your beginnings in North Dayton to providing great food for hard workers. Thank you for your contributions for Jazz Fest and all that you do.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Gene- May I suggest the South Park Tavern at 1301 Wayne ave. Excellent pizza- and all kinds of beer.
And- in case you don’t have a clue- this post is search engine candy- “Best place to live in Dayton” should start turning up South Park Historic District in no time.
There is method to my madness.

And Scott- I can’t say how much I miss having you as a next door neighbor. It ain’t quite the same- hi to Jen and the kids- sorry I haven’t written or called.


I and some freinds stopped off at the South Park Tavern after visiting the Jazz Festival.

The bar is small (it is still really a pizza joint), but the beer selection is pretty impressive for the size of the place, and they have good stuff on tap, too (at least what I like).


“And- in case you don’t have a clue- this post is search engine candy- “Best place to live in Dayton” should start turning up South Park Historic District in no time.
There is method to my madness.”

So! Dave!

Why don’t you rank-order the historic districts. We know you think South Park is the best, how about the rest?


Thanks you all for your support. It’s certainly appreciated. And in the spirit of this blog entry, let me preface my comments by saying my post is NOT intended to be an attempt at advertising or plugging our business.

The Pizza Factory and South Park Tavern have a unique opportunity to add some flavor (quite literally) and some soul (hopefully) to the South Park neighborhood by operating a nice neighborhood pizzeria. Fortunately, we have the type of business that can offer popular incentives (pizza!) to people who get out from behind their TVs and interact with their neighbors; that interaction is what weaves the fabric of any community. With the South Park Pizza Tavern we can offer the neighborhood a nice dine-in place close enough to walk to that can be enjoyed by both families and adults.

We aspire to be one of the pleasant amenities that both the City of Dayton and South Park offers it residents and their guests; a quality of living compliment, essentially. We’ll be working hard to that end.



By the way, how do you “lable” yourself anyway?



hey,Pizzabill, you asked. Sorry for the typos… but then again, you have the best pizza in town.

Sorry, but when you are THE BEST like South Park, the only way to go is down,,,,,
Maybe a little bit more polish, just a bit guys, clean it up just a little more.
How about offering free baths for residents.

David, I may not have a clue big tipper, but what I do know is that in my neighborhood people actually cut their lawns and pick up garbage on the street, and we don’t have pan handlers on the corner, and dirty shirts smokin’ cigs waiting for the bus downtown, but then again it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close to walk. Nice heart attack rate down in that hood.

THE BEST……… people won’t even mow their lawns in South Park…….. trash on the streets……… but they have a nice park………….the best, you bet.

I like South Park – I think it is a bit unfair to South Park to label it THE BEST after one average event…… If everyone is so obsessed with Urban Living, why don’t you move to a real city? I love Dayton, but it has a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg way to go.

For the Love of Dayton

Fantastic, keep the momentum going. I can’t wait until the day South Park’s success spreads to every corner of Dayton.


I feel the same way, Michael. Thank you for your encouraging words.

Theresa Gasper
Theresa Gasper

What makes South Park the BEST are the people. It’s not about the houses, it’s about who is living in them. I’ve never met such a passionate, tenacious and fun loving group of people – and more & more are coming out and getting involved again with each event.

South Park is THE BEST because of its spirit. It’s in the process of a great rebirth. The Oregon used to be pretty bad too, ya know.

What I love about South Park is its diversity – culturally, economically and architecturally. Young, old, single, married, widowed, straight, gay, rich & poor, families, empty nesters, black, white, hispanic, middle eastern – they all live together and work together to make South Park THE BEST it can be.

It might not be THE BEST for everyone, but for those living there, South Park is THE BEST neighborhood.


J.R. Locke

Well South Park aficionados I am thinking about buying a house on Hickory St. So I may be joining the “best neighborhood” soon. Now I just have to decide if I want to live in Dayton, Ohio for the next many years…..

David Esrati
David Esrati

Look forward to having you as a neighbor-
is this the house?


Theresa, you give me goose bumps!

I think this is what Mr. Locke has on the mind:

I just met the couple at 615 Hickory. They just moved in. Just more cool people, there.

Good luck, J.R.!

J.R. Locke

Yeah 609 Hickory is the house I am pretty much set on if I live in Dayton. I have an opportunity in Columbus that I am still thinking about taking, so I am still wavering. But what sold me on South Park was the walk down Wayne Ave into the Oregon District and weekend fun time. The good vibe and people are icing on the cake!

Linda Dachtyl

Hi, I found your blog and wanted to say I am really looking forward to playing the South Park Jazz Fest this coming Saturday.