We’ve got janitors running Dayton

The dream of Sportsplex is dead.

Instead of aiming for the stars, we’ve decided to see if we can just fill in the hole a little bit with a micro sized effort to remodel 2 rec centers. While the Kroc center which is under construction can show what a vision and leadership can pull off – the City Commission shows what losers aspire to:

Officials have $3M to expand, remodel rec centers, want residents approval
City Commission learned Wednesday what can be done having just $3 million to expand and remodel two recreation centers, so they want to make sure proposed improvements meet with the approval of residents.

Along with a general sprucing up, the Lohrey Recreation Center will get expanded fitness and lobby areas, while the Northwest Recreation Center will get a new junior-sized gym.

“We have $1.5 million for each facility … We had to live within that resource base,” Dayton City Manager Rashad Young said.

“A new junior-sized gym” about sums it up.

With no plan for changing the game, we’re going to continue to lose. What is the big picture idea to launch Dayton back on track? If you say a bunch of national chain stores on the Parkside location as part of “Ballpark Village” you should be shot too.

We need new and unique ideas that will differentiate Dayton from the competition. We need to build on strengths instead of trying to band-aid our weaknesses.

Too bad this next election on Tuesday, we can’t write in candidates for Commission. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck would be better choices than Lovelace and Joseph.

I can already hear the Realtors talking about how you want to move near Princeton Rec center- so you can be near the new junior sized gym.

One word: Recall.

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