Regionalism, Unigov, so easy the Girl Scouts can do it

Regional cooperation is talked about in the “Dayton Region” but not much happens. We can’t get a Countywide 911 system in place, the idea of a regional fire department, police department or even street maintenance is beyond our reach, so we continue to invest in duplication, pay the costs of dual bureaucracies, and suffer the weakness of a house divided. Go back to your youth sports coach- remember the admonishment “there is no “I” in Team”- and then realize it applies here.

While our region does stupid things like build a Clark State facility right across 675 from Wright State, and Sinclair expands to Warren County. While Kettering and others opt out of 911, and we continue to have to elect hundreds of small minded “leaders” and pass levies here and there, without achieving a big picture solution- the Girl Scouts can put aside their petty provincialism and do what adults can’t: merge. And they state the benefits quite succinctly:

Girl Scouts councils to merge
The agreement involving more than 60,000 girls and 16,000 adults was announced this morning by the Girl Scouts Great Rivers Council, one of four groups involved in the merger.

The move, approved last week, Girl Scouts of Appleseed Ridge in Lima, the Girl Scouts of Buckeye Trails in Dayton, Girl Scouts – Great Rivers Council in Cincinnati and Girl Scouts of Maumee Valley Council in Toledo, according to the Great Rivers Council.

The merger will be effective Jan. 1…

The merger of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is part of a national initiative creating the foundation for long-term success of the Girl Scout Movement and will provide the structure to deliver the benefits of Girl Scouting throughout our region…  and deliver the best personal and leadership development model that defines activities and outcomes… The council realignment will strengthen the infrastructure and resources at all levels of the organization, including fundraising, public relations, property, staffing, and volunteer support…

How bad would a Mayor of Dayton be that could live anywhere in Montgomery county- get paid $150,000, and set a real plan and agenda for the region? Might we get a better candidate than having 50 minor mayors, each paid $30K a year? Maybe we need to pay the Mayor even more- with bonuses- for hitting goals and objectives set by a commission? Would a good mayor, who got us all on track be worth $250K? That’s about what we pay University presidents, and CEO’s of development groups that say they are doing this sort of thing? When John Patterson set up the City Manager form of Government, he envisioned a strong businessman as CEO running the city- with the Commission and Mayor as a board of directors- unfortunately, the ego’s of politicians who use the office as a stepping stone won’t allow the manager to provide that kind of leadership. So maybe it’s time for a change?

The definition of insanity is doing things the same way and expecting a different result. That’s where we are in Dayton right now. Where do we really want to be?

That is the question. The answer, I believe, is so easy, even the Girl Scouts did it. Merge or die.

What do you think?

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