Victor Pate: Leader.

A while back I asked where are our leaders? Well here is one that won’t be eligible to run for office in Dayton. City electrician Victor Pate.

When I used to speak regularly at the Dayton City Commission meetings, Victor often spoke as well. He spoke from the heart, he spoke with passion, and most of the time, he was dead on. So when he decided to challenge the residency rule, pay attention, Victor is doing the right thing- setting an example, making his message heard, and pointing out the stupidity of our small-minded, gerrymandered thinking of what makes our city.

City employee moves out of Dayton to fight residency rule
Pate’s complaints come from what he believes is unfairness in the system. For example, some high-paid city employees can afford to buy houses in Dayton that fall within the Huber Heights and Fairborn school districts, he said.

“They don’t have to send their children to Dayton Public School (with struggling test scores and finances) or deal with the problems people face in the inner city,” Pate said.

Also, contractors who don’t have to live in the city fill jobs once done by city employees, robbing overtime pay from staff like Pate.

“I need that overtime to support my large family,” he said.

He’s exposing the dirty little secret that most of our firefighters and police officers live in the Huber Heights School District. Forest Ridge, Quail Hollow are perfect examples of how we’re still economically segregated in Dayton- the very issue that is killing our city. Hopefully, Victor’s crusade will shine a light in the direction of thinking bigger than our city limits. It’s past time for a regional government- and a city electrician just fired a shot across the bow.

What do you think of Victor’s stance against the residency requirements in Dayton?

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