The Dayton residency double standard

The new Dayton Art Institute director can’t have his job because he wants to live in Cincinnati. However, the head of the Downtown Dayton Partnership can live in Clayton?

Our View: DAI director-to-be missed big picture
The Dayton Art Institute announced this week that David Brigham won’t be taking over the museum after all. He wanted to live in the Cincinnati area, to which Mr. Brigham’s bosses said no can do.

Getting fired before you even officially get started takes some doing. Explaining that on a resume is definitely going to take more than one line.

But the DAI isn’t looking good either. Who didn’t have the conversation with Mr. Brigham that being part of the community meant actually living here? Maybe the next time out, the trustees and the search committee should draw a circle around Dayton on a map and explain that, though the lines are blurring between here and Cincinnati, there’s still a demarcation for people in important community posts.

Outspoken former city employee Victor Pate is fired for legally moving to Jefferson Township after the State outlawed residency rules- yet, firefighters who have done the same are still on the job.

I live in Dayton because I think it’s great. I wonder how many of the DDN editorial board live in the City? At some point, we need to stop evaluating people by where they choose to live- and focus on if they can do the job?

What do you think?

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