Are lawyers like Aaron Hartley above the law?

OK class, compare and contrast for your extra credit assignment:

Two Centerville High School students facing felony charges involving a gun incident on campus have been released from juvenile detention and placed on electronic home monitoring.

The 15-year-old female is charged with making a terroristic threat while the 16-year-old male faces one count of conveyance of deadly weapon in a school safety zone, court records show.

Denials have been entered in each of the charges, third- and fifth-degree felonies respectively, according to Montgomery County Juvenile Court records.

Court documents show both teens were released Wednesday, have been placed on electronic home monitoring and barred from social media. Police said they were arrested Dec. 3 after a rifle was found in a vehicle at the high school.

Police said the two were arrested on campus after the rifle was found in the male’s vehicle. He had reportedly gone on a recent hunting trip and had not removed the gun from the automobile, authorities said.

The female then took a picture of the weapon in the vehicle and posted it on Snapchat, along with a threat, police said.

Source: NEW: Court bars Centerville High School teens charged in gun issue from social media, Dayton, terrorist threat , education, police, crime

Local attorney Aaron Hartley, was found guilty of assault, back on July 29th of 2021. His sentencing was originally scheduled for August 11, 2021, but Judge James F. Long in Kettering, apparently can’t do his job, since he still hasn’t sentenced Hartley in that case on Dec 11, 2021. Long had also postponed every other case against Hartley into 2022- originally spacing them out from Feb all the way through June. It was at this point, I asked if “Hartley must have video of Long fucking a donkey”- and yet, still nothing.

Then, despite Long issuing orders that Hartley stay off social media, Hartley goes on Facebook and threatens multiple other attorneys with bodily harm. The night of 22-23 September- he says things like:

Michelle Macriowski, I’m still waiting on your thanks for a bullet not being placed in your brain (emp added). I. Want. A . Thank. You. I. Demand. It. You. silly. FAT. CUNT. That’s an ancronyn of course. I’m going to take your fucking law license from you. You didn’t even file under the correct case number. MORON. That’s also an acronym.

Source: The fall of Aaron Hartley | Esrati

Yet, no arrest, no house arrest, and wait- he still is practicing law legally in the State of Ohio. The Centerville teens- nope, they were in jail faster than Judge Long can kiss Aaron Hartleys ass.

After 5 posts on this blog, and more and more Hartley victims reaching out and thanking me, and Michelle Macriowski filing for a restraining order, the Grand Imperial Wizards at the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel finally act and suspend Hartley’s license- on, wait for it, on Oct 28, 2021.

The Dayton Day-old newsless finally writes something about Hartley. It’s on Nov 1, 2021. They ignored every other piece of this story. Yet, the two hapless Centerville teens- that’s front page news.

Why is it that lawyers and judges in Montgomery County are above the law? Why is our prosecutor, Mat Heck, unwilling to protect the citizens from predator lawyers like Hartley- or incompetent judges like Long?

I called Heck’s office last Monday and asked to talk to someone in charge- and got shoveled off to Debra Armanini‘s voice mail. I called the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and left a second message (first one was ignored on Nov 22nd). I wanted to know that why, if Hartley had been suspended by the Supreme Court on Nov 1, was his website still up, and the Google business listing still says he’s open. Note, 2 new 5 star reviews were approved and posted by Mr. Hartley, 2 weeks after he’d been ordered to stop practicing law.

Aaron Hartley is still open for businessLater that day, Hartley finally posts that his office is closed. I’ve uploaded the 3 pages from the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel ordering him to close shop to Google Business Listing- saying “It’s closed” and for the rest of the week- it’s said my changes are pending.

Tuesday, I get a call from Greg Flanagan of the Montgomery County Prosecutors office, where he said that Hartley’s suspension, ordered by the Ohio Supreme Court- wasn’t their bailiwick- “it’s administrative law, and we don’t prosecute that.” So I asked him if he prosecuted perjury? “Well sometimes”- so I asked why one of their prosecutors could lie in court about the capabilities of a multi-million dollar video surveillance system owned by the library, or how they could find Jen Selhorst guilty of multiple felonies in theft from my ward of $3K and couldn’t get a true bill from a grand jury on a $35K embezzlement from me. Flanagan didn’t have an answer, but said Ms. Armanini would get back to me.

Next up, the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel calls. I’d also “filed a grievance” about Hartley still having his online presence open. In it- I asked for the list of employees of the ODC, their start date, title and pay as a public records request. I got it by the end of the day. Let’s just say they are paid very well. But, again, they suggested that enforcement wasn’t really up to them. Which makes me question, who does Hartley have to shoot before he is put in protective custody?

Apparently, going to law school is a get out of jail free card- and going to Centerville High School is a go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

It’s time to disbar both Hartley and Judge Long, who conveniently decided to help his pal Aaron out after the suspension, by moving all of Hartley’s court appearances up to February. Apparently, the ODC won’t lift sanctions until the cases have been disposed of. Can we trust Long to rule on these, since he’s already exhibited behavior that suggest that he’s more interested in helping Hartley than protecting the public- or other attorneys feel safe?

Should we trust a prosecutor who says protecting good lawyers from death threats by bad lawyers isn’t worthy of prosecution?

Gem City, we have a problem.

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