Aaron Hartley has been placed on interim remedial suspension. “Newspaper” finally finds story

Today, the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court yanked Kettering Divorce Attorney Aaron Hartley’s law license for an indefinite period of time.

You can read the decision here:

Hartley filed an incoherent response this morning, blaming everyone but himself for his situation. Conveniently skirting the issue of his repeated sexual relationships with vulnerable women who were under his protection during their divorce. He also tried to excuse his public post threatening to put a bullet in the head of another local divorce attorney who was representing his children.

That he is still allowed out in public is the remaining question that the court seems to skip. They suggest that he “has engaged in conduct that violates the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct and poses a substantial threat of serious harm to the public” yet- no house arrest, imprisonment, or even a pink slip. There are over a dozen women who have stepped forward since I first published the story about him being found guilty of assault, sharing similar stories of threats, sexual advances, over-billing, him telling them his problems, sleeping with them etc. Even a few husbands have had problems with him sleeping with their x-wives.

The Dayton Daily news had been made aware of this story multiple times over the course of my investigation. Today, was their first mention of his situation and disbarment. I’m not going to link to their story, since they failed to acknowledge the source of the story. Their “Courthouse reporter” – Parker Perry was notified by me of this story last week- as was their “Editor” Jim Bebbington and their “star” investigative reporter Josh Swigart talked to me about this a week ago. I also talked to Anthony Shoemaker on the edit desk. What good is a newspaper that refuses to cover predators who are found guilty of assault- and then let off the hook by impotent Judges?

Kettering Judge James Long needs to be questioned by the Supreme Court- at how this has been mismanaged, for so long.  The Dayton Bar association needs to also be held accountable, considering they’ve fielded and ignored multiple complaints over the last few years.

This story came to me from a readers anonymous tip. I hope I’ve satisfied their request. I’ve felt honored to lend my voice and platform to a group of incredible women who have managed to survive this predator- and to bring them together.

The next question is will there be a class action lawsuit- and will the Bar start repaying Hartley’s victims through the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection? Many of these women have overpaid- suffered from poor legal representation- and been sexually assaulted by this predator- that all the local lawyers knew and participated in covering for him.

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