Is Judge Long Aaron Hartley’s best friend?

What follows makes no sense, unless Aaron Hartley has some incriminating evidence against Judge Long in Kettering, or they are best friends.

Yesterday, Aaron Hartley, the now disgraced Kettering Divorce Attorney, had a court appearance and instead of being sentenced for his assault case that was decided in July, he walked out of Judge Longs court room with a bunch more charges- and court dates… in 2022!

There have been local attorney’s that went off the rails before. Attorney’s still talk about one who fell from grace in Greene County, Mark Deters. He’s now supposedly selling used cars in Toledo. He missed a court date, had a DUI and broke the basic rules of being a lawyer (although Hartley sleeping with clients beats Deters mistakes)- and a judge took him out of the courtroom.

So why won’t Judge Long? One guess is he’s trying to get him into the “Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program” which is a confidential program to give attorneys time to get clean and sober and right their bad behavior. But sources tell me that Aaron already checked himself into the Lindner Center of Hope  last year, and checked himself out- after they gave him a diagnoses of “Narcissistic personality disorder.” So much for treatment.

What else could be stopping Long? Is it that he has a track record of making politicians “mistakes” (like sexual assault?) go away? Could it be he feels safe since the two political parties in this town sold out the voters by having a secret pact that no Judges ever get challenged after their first re-election? Or is it that Aaron’s buddy who keeps going to the horse track with him is worried about Aaron rolling on him too? Other sources say Hartley got thrown out of a Kentucky Racetrack for drunk and disorderly a few weekends ago, with a “lifetime ban.” How much rope do we have to extend to Hartley?

How about this question: Why should his victims still be living in fear? Installing security systems, video surveillance systems? How is it since the first time I published this sordid story of a lawyer getting convicted of assault, multiple other victims have contacted me? Why is a Kettering Judge making a fool of himself?

Because, if Hartley continues acting out, and doing the things he’s been doing, someones going to get seriously hurt. In a drunken rant to one of his favorite confidant’s he also threatened divorce  attorney Ann Crossman. He told her “Good news, Judge Long runs Kettering, nobody else runs that city, I checked. And Long really likes me.” And that the ruling of guilty will be thrown out- due to “prosecutorial misconduct” by Prosecutor John D Everett.

Instead of putting Aaron behind bars, or at least on home detention, Long yesterday set a whole series of court dates- in 2022. At this point, it’s time for Long to explain himself, or recuse himself and bring a visiting judge in to straighten this mess out before someone gets hurt.

Here are Longs 5 long-shots at bringing Hartley to court.

February 9th 2022 – sentencing for the guilty entry from July 29, 2021

February 9, 2022, Trial for Domestic Violence against his “wife” who he started sleeping with before her divorce was final and he was her attorney (a -no-no). And btw, she’s been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury thanks to his assautl.

Next we have a Domestic violence jury trial on March 3, 2022

Next we have a jury trial for “Phone threats”- on 4/20 day. Apparently the judge is smoking the same stuff Hartley is. Since he can’t seem to find the time to do his job and take care of any of this in a timely manner.

And then- we have the violation of a protective order, all the way out on June 9th of 2022. I’m sure this serves as a warning to anyone served a TRO in Kettering, that you have a 9 month window to terrorize your victims before ole Judge Long is going to reach out with his impotent short arm of the law.

If you wonder why Takoda Collins died at age 10, it’s because the people in charge of keeping predators from preying on the weak, dropped the ball.

Here, we clearly have a judge who doesn’t care about taking a dangerous predator off the streets. Maybe, if he’d do his job just one time, he could end up being the subject of some of Hartley’s late night calls- where he tells his confidant that he will F- Longs daughter up the A?

Losing attorney’s isn’t a reason to delay a case. Hartley’s been through a slew already. The latest, Alan J Statman of Cincinnati doesn’t list criminal defense as one of his specialties, nor does he give any hint that he’s the guy any smart lawyer would turn to when facing this many charges.

The reality is, Hartley doesn’t fear Judge James F Long.

Only his victims – and the citizens of Kettering should fear Aaron Hartley and his benefactor, Judge Long.

Note, for some reason, The Dayton Daily News refuses to cover this story. When they finally get around to it, please remember where you read it first.



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