Bye-bye to Aaron Hartley’s law license

The Dayton Daily news didn’t think this was a story. The TV stations didn’t cover it. And, now, the Ohio Supreme Court is being asked to immediately suspend Aaron P Hartley’s law license. That he isn’t on house arrest right now, is because the judges in Montgomery County all have their seats for life, and Judge Long apparently doesn’t care enough about the safety of Hartley’s many victims.

It’s good the the Office of Disciplinary Counsel of The Supreme Court of Ohio finally stepped in with their “MOTION FOR AN IMMEDIATE INTERIM REMEDIAL SUSPENSION,” because I got yet another contact yesterday for another military divorce that Hartley was handling- where he started having sex with his client while in the process of screwing and marrying another. The x-husband even turned over Private Investigator’s files documenting this to the Dayton Bar Association. The Dayton Bar basically said unless he had actual evidence of them having sex (like used condoms? or videos?) they weren’t going to act. It’s time to also consider disbarring the bar association.

Here’s the Supreme Court filing. Note- on page 7 of 22- they confuse attorney Douglas Brannon with his brother, Judge David Brannon who I, nor anyone else, was talking about.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”2021-1326- Disciplinary Counsel v. Aaron P. Hartley, Esq. Disciplinary Case On Motion for Interim Remedial Suspension”]

The Kettering Court is well aware that this filing may put people at danger, by triggering Hartley, yet, they’ve refused to put him on house arrest or in protective custody. If there was a case for a “Pink slip” – with a 3 day medical hold/evaluation, this would be it. In the meantime, most of his victims are now armed, have extensive security systems, or are under the protection of WPAFB SP detatchments.

That news like this goes un-reported in Dayton is why we have a culture of corruption. It goes from the political party bosses, down through the Board of Elections, to the people we elect. It’s pervasive and reprehensible. The FBI failed to do it’s job completely in their investigation. Hartley is just another pawn in the game who thought he was a king, just from donating to the right folks. Unfortunately, he’s a predator who was allowed to run rampant.

Hopefully, soon this nightmare will be over.


After I published this yesterday, 28 Oct, 2021- Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor filed a response- giving Hartley until Monday morning at 9am to respond. This is a very fast action, and not the norm. See the response below- from this link

Thank you Chief Justice O’Connor.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”DECISION- Order; respondent shall file a response, if any, to relator’s motion for immediate interim remedial suspension no later than 9-00 a.m. on November 1, 2021″]


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