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Tony Tipps, son of Paul Tipps

Tony Tipps, former BOE worker, busted for meth

Last year, esrati.com broke the story about the firing of Tony Tipps from the Board of Elections. Now, Tipps, son of former Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Paul Tipps, and now a lobbyist, has been arrested for possession and trafficking in meth according to “Peak of Ohio” and the Bellfontaine Examiner. The Ohio Investigative Unit made Read More

The tip on Tippsgate

Less than a week after the election I broke the news, without revealing the name (note the “tip or tips” of the forced resignation/firing of Tony Tipps at the Board of Elections. The Dayton Daily News had the story the next day. Tipps is the son of powerful Dem lobbyist Paul Tipps. From what I Read More

The “Monarchy of Montgomery County” starts in the BOE and the party central committees

The Montgomery County (Ohio) Board of Elections is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to nepotism and favoritism exhibited by the two major parties in Dayton Ohio. The offices of every elected official are run in a similar manner. The parties are run by a small group of elected officials and party faithful who have stacked the deck with their friends and family, in the mostly ignored, in the central party elections which only take five signatures to be placed on the ballot and most run unchallenged. They then control ballot access of others- trying to eliminate primary elections by “screening” and “endorsing” their own.

A peek behind the curtain at the Monarchy of Montgomery County

Regular readers of Esrati.com know that I’ve long talked about what I call “the Monarchy of Montgomery County”- the cabal of politically connected hacks who practice nepotism, favoritism, elitism and above all corruption on a daily basis. Actually, they don’t practice corruption- that one they have down to a science. Please note, this isn’t an Read More

What really needs to be investigated at the Board of Elections

Former Montgomery County Board of Elections workers try to point out that incomplete ballots may have been provided in a 2006 election. (this story broke on esrati.com) Instead of investigating the claim- the BOE starts a witch hunt on how this election info was leaked. The prosecutor’s office plays along- but fails to file charges Read More

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