Betty Smith

The friends and family plan GOP style in Montgomery County

Today’s Dayton Daily news has a front page article predicting a shakeup in the Montgomery County Republican Party. Considering the paper doesn’t have a steady reporter covering the party- the story was planted. Nothing in the local GOP is organized, even when wunderkind Jeff Jacobsen was running the party like a private fiefdom. It’s almost Read More

Montgomery County Board of Elections director Betty Smith to step down

Sources have informed that Director Betty Smith (R) will be stepping down at the Montgomery County Board of Elections for health reasons. Smith just recently switched positions with Steve Harsman (D) for the director. Both are paid the same and the seat rotates from D to R on a regular schedule. It will be Read More

What really needs to be investigated at the Board of Elections

Former Montgomery County Board of Elections workers try to point out that incomplete ballots may have been provided in a 2006 election. (this story broke on Instead of investigating the claim- the BOE starts a witch hunt on how this election info was leaked. The prosecutor’s office plays along- but fails to file charges Read More