Tony Tipps, former BOE worker, busted for meth

Last year, broke the story about the firing of Tony Tipps from the Board of Elections. Now, Tipps, son of former Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Paul Tipps, and now a lobbyist, has been arrested for possession and trafficking in meth according to “Peak of Ohio” and the Bellfontaine Examiner.

Tony Tipps, son of Paul Tipps

Tony Tipps having a Mel Gibson moment

The Ohio Investigative Unit made three drug-related arrests early Saturday morning during a music festival at Zane Shawnee Caverns, 7092 State Route 540, Bellefontaine.

Robert Allton, 24, and James Davis, 29, both of Columbus, and Anthony Tipps (pictured right), 52, of Dayton, were each charged with felony counts of possession of drugs and drug trafficking in methamphetamine.

via Three arrested on drug charges at Zane Shawnee Caverns festival | Peak of Ohio.

Tipps is one of the subjects being investigated by the Montgomery County Sheriff for sending out the letter that accuses the directors of screwing up the provisional ballots in the 2006 election. That the BOE might have done something wrong is not the focus of the investigation, and undoubtedly, Tipps’ arrest will make it even easier for them to pass the buck.

Considering that the BOE also has hired an employee’s family member convicted of rape, and now this, someone would think that it’s time to clean house at the BOE and start fresh. These aren’t the kind of people we want running our elections- are they?

Tipps had his job at the BOE for at least ten years, thanks to his father’s powerful connections in the Democratic party. His father is called a close confidant of Senator John Glenn and he sits on the board of John Glenn School of Public Policy. Is this the only qualification needed to get a job at the BOE- connections?

Obviously, when left to fend for himself without daddy’s help- we get a different skill set.

It will be interesting to see if the three accused dealers get similar sentences, or if Tipps Sr. manages to use his connections to once again help his kid out.

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