Tony Tipps

Tony Tipps, son of Paul Tipps

Tony Tipps, former BOE worker, busted for meth

Last year, broke the story about the firing of Tony Tipps from the Board of Elections. Now, Tipps, son of former Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Paul Tipps, and now a lobbyist, has been arrested for possession and trafficking in meth according to “Peak of Ohio” and the Bellfontaine Examiner. The Ohio Investigative Unit made Read More

It’s time for an elected ethics officer in the county

[UPDATED WITH CLARIFICATIONS – 1 DEC] We elect a coroner, an auditor, a clerk of courts, an engineer and a sheriff. But, when it comes to the people who oversee those elections- they are appointed by the political parties- people we don’t elect. And- for every position, the taxpayers get to pay two people- one Read More

Special rules for a special primary- still make no sense

I’m a big believer in vote by mail. Oregon has done it for years. And now, as a “cost saving” measure the OH-3 special primary for the Democrats’ nomination for Congress is going to be held in 3 of our 4 gerrymandered counties as a vote-by-mail clusterduck. Unless they vote absentee by mail, most Montgomery Read More

By Affirmation: How the Montgomery County Democratic Party rolls

Last night I got my certificate of election to be a precinct captain at the grand convocation of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. I’m in charge of 1E. There are six precincts in Ward 1- and 2 seats are still open- A and F. The four of us who showed up have elected Ron Lee Read More

The tip on Tippsgate

Less than a week after the election I broke the news, without revealing the name (note the “tip or tips” of the forced resignation/firing of Tony Tipps at the Board of Elections. The Dayton Daily News had the story the next day. Tipps is the son of powerful Dem lobbyist Paul Tipps. From what I Read More