The tip on Tippsgate

Less than a week after the election I broke the news, without revealing the name (note the “tip or tips” of the forced resignation/firing of Tony Tipps at the Board of Elections.

The Dayton Daily News had the story the next day. Tipps is the son of powerful Dem lobbyist Paul Tipps. From what I wrote- which has links to the DDN story in the comments:

Last Tuesday, May 4, 2010, was one of those gotta work days. And, apparently, there was a casualty- one very connected Dem got put in time-out, and the wagons have circled. Unfortunately, I’m not privy to the why- or what exactly happened, but, I figure if I post this- someone will want to comment anonymously and fill in the details.

So, if you have a tip, or tips, on what happened to one of the party faithful- please share.

via Esrati — Something happened at BOE on Election Day.

Today, the BOE meets to certify election results- and should have to explain themselves on this issue. According to sources- Tipps was caught  forging the signature on a relative’s absentee ballot- because it wasn’t submitted correctly.

No, it didn’t have an outcome on the election- but, one has to wonder how many favored sons who’ve come in with incorrect petitions have had “help” fixing their errors? There has to be something going on in the office that would give a notion to a 14-year employee that you could even THINK about doing what he did- without risking getting kicked off the gravy train.

We’ll see what the BOE says later this a.m.

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