A peek behind the curtain at the Monarchy of Montgomery County

Regular readers of Esrati.com know that I’ve long talked about what I call “the Monarchy of Montgomery County”- the cabal of politically connected hacks who practice nepotism, favoritism, elitism and above all corruption on a daily basis. Actually, they don’t practice corruption- that one they have down to a science.

Please note, this isn’t an attack on one political party or the other- they are both as guilty. In fact, the practice goes back long before me- to an organization that was before my time (or my awareness) “the All Dayton Committee” which used to meet in private and pick the Dayton City Commission- always keeping the parties balanced with a token shift back and forth. But that’s ancient history. What goes on now is almost becoming comical, because the treasure chest of the community chest has been cleaned out. Now, we fight over scraps and it gets ugly.

In today’s Dayton Daily News, we find that:

The wife of the Montgomery County clerk of courts has been charged with misdemeanor theft in an investigation regarding missing Ohio Lottery tickets.

When asked if his wife, Kymberly, was guilty of what she is being accused of, Clerk of Courts Gregory Brush said “absolutely not.”

He went on to say that he believes the accusation against his wife was politically motivated but did not say who accused her. Gregory Brush, a Democrat, is up for re-election in November. His opponent will be Michael Joseph Foley, a Republican.

Note, it’s been mentioned before on this site via insider reader feedback, that besides making sure his wife had a job at the Board of Elections (the mecca for moolah for the monarchy’s favored sons and daughters) Mr. Brush also hired his father-in-law- who reportedly drove a county vehicle home every night- one festooned with images of his elected son in law.

The next part of the article goes on to tell us that the complaint began on Sept. 26- but wasn’t presented until Dec. 22- note, this started before we knew Mr. Brush had an opponent in the next election.

Vandalia Municipal Court Prosecutor David Caldwell approved the charge against Kymberly Brush, 48, of Butler Twp., after a detective presented the investigation to him on Dec. 22, according to Butler Twp. Police Chief Carl Bush.

The charge was the result of an investigation of a Sept. 26 complaint about Ohio Lottery tickets missing from a machine at Liquor and Wine Warehouse, 3440 York Commons Blvd., near Miller Lane….

Kymberly Brush did work at Liquor and Wine Warehouse, but left the job in the summer, her husband said.

The Vandalia court will cause the party a slight problem in that another member of the interconnect rules the court there, but that is exposed at the end of the article. Of course, the lawyer for the defendant is predictably, another one of the Monarchy:

“I think there was a mutual parting of the ways after some extensive conversations,” said Dennis Lieberman, the attorney representing Kym Brush and the former Montgomery County Democratic Party Chairman.

The next part should make every taxpayer wonder what is really going on in the Montgomery County Board of Elections:

Kym Brush also retired on disability from the Montgomery County Board of Elections in 2006. She is employed now, but Lieberman would not disclose her current job.

Mrs. Brush “retired on disability” from the BOE- but, is now capable of holding a job, or several other jobs? Former employees of the BOE have told me that the percentage of  BOE employees who leave on “disability” is unbelievably high. And of course, it’s also the place where disgraced party people are given a desk job to finish their time to retirement when they can’t hold a public position anymore (see Ricky Boyd).

The paper talks a bit about the Ohio Lottery Commission investigation before we have Greg Brush trying to turn this into a political hatchet job:

“I find it highly suspicious,” said Gregory Brush of the timing of the news of the case against his wife. “We have nothing to hide. It’s politics.”

“This smells of a political ploy just to try to throw some dirt on Greg Brush,” Lieberman said. “I believe it’s politically motivated. Not by the police or the prosecutor, but I certainly believe that once the whole story is known it’s going to be clear that she did nothing wrong.”

The paper then prints hearsay- where the former political party chief then identifies “the source” of the leak to the media as a “registered Republican.”

Lieberman, whose wife Debbie is the president of the Montgomery County Commission, said he has no evidence that Foley had anything to do with leaking Brush’s case to the media. “I think this is coming from another source,” Lieberman said. He believes the source is a registered Republican.

Note- all court cases are public record and the fact that it has to take “a source” to leak it to the media shows how asleep at the wheel our media is. The fact that the Montgomery County Pro System- (where you look up court cases) http://www.clerk.co.montgomery.oh.us/pro/ run by no one other than Greg Brush, is designed to make it impossible to easily create links to cases. Yet in the Vandalia court, while having less info, it is possible: http://docket.vandaliacourt.com/cgi-bin/mcaseno.cgi?num=1103319&sub=&pre=CRB&type=CR&acc=&showbd=

Of course, the Monarchy has another problem- the Judge in Vandalia is queen to one of the kings:

Kymberly Brush is scheduled to appear for an arraignment hearing at 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 5 in Vandalia Municipal Court.

Vandalia Municipal Court Judge Cynthia Heck, wife of Montgomery County Prosecutor Mathias Heck Jr., also a Democrat, has recused herself from the case, according to Karen Goffena, Vandalia’s clerk of courts. Darke County Municipal Court Judge Julie Monnin will hear the case .

via Wife of county official faces theft charge.

Time will tell if Mrs. Brush is guilty of stealing lottery tickets. Remember, Al Capone was arrested for tax evasion. The real crimes that are committed daily in our halls of government are much greater than the theft of some lottery tickets. How we have so many friends and family working throughout our “government”- and how we end up with such winners as:

and those are just the highlights from the last year.

It’s time for a chief ethics officer in Montgomery County– to be elected by the people in a nonpartisan election- to clean up this mess. We can’t rely on the media or bloggers to expose this culture of corruption that has turned our government into a political patronage party.

(A note to my faithful readers and supporters, today I go to re-file identical petitions, with new signatures to attempt to get on the ballot AGAIN for Congress in the new OH-10 district. I was already certified on a ballot- with a petition with valid signatures with the exact same information- yet it was tossed by actions of Statehouse Republicans- overriding the will of the people with a valid petition. Wish me luck. It’s not good to kick the hornets’ nest just before you submit your petitions).



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