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“Life Happens Here” vs. “Get Midwest”

We spent $900K with the Congressman’s wife and got “Get Midwest”- the Dayton Chapter of the American Marketing Association is hosting the repositioning campaign for Cincinnati. I’ll be there- will you? Life Happens Here: A Marketing Plan for Downtown Cincinnati Summary We’ve all read case studies of company turnarounds, but what about a “downtown turnaround?” Read More

Dayton Patented, Originals Wanted blows “Get Midwest” out of the branding game

Penny Ohlman Neiman owed the City of Dayton a winner after their last branding effort gave us the 4/color (when 4 color printing would still break the bank) stupid “City of Neighbors” mark with the name of the City all catywampus. (update- PON didn’t do the work- they are just implementing it) Today- they (NorthStar Read More

“Get Midwest” price rises again- more tax dollars involved

You read about Beverly Shillito and her dual role as Dayton Development Coalition board person and co-owner of Real Art here last Wednesday: Connect the dots: Dayton Development Coalition Board- hire your own, no-bid And then on Thursday, I diagrammed the whole thing: The Flowchart: Your money to the congressman and his pals where I Read More

The answer to “Get Midwest”

I own an ad agency- just like Lori Turner. It’s called The Next Wave. I’ve been in the business since 1986 and running this one since 1988 (opened the doors to the building I rehabbed in 1990). We’ve done branding work since we began: some of the work you may be most familiar with: Pacchia, Read More

The $300,000 question: Get Midwest Goes Bye-Bye?

Now that Lori Turner and Turner Effect have gotten paid $300,000 and resigned the account, several people asked me today: what next? History tells me that it’s time to do some housecleaning at the Dayton Development Coalition. This reminds me of when Thomas Heine was ousted from the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, or when Read More

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