The answer to “Get Midwest”

I own an ad agency- just like Lori Turner. It’s called The Next Wave. I’ve been in the business since 1986 and running this one since 1988 (opened the doors to the building I rehabbed in 1990).

We’ve done branding work since we began: some of the work you may be most familiar with: Pacchia, Mendelsons re-positioning, Coco’s Bistro, see identity work here.

So, I’ve been thinking about a “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” sort of line for Dayton- and this morning, in the shower, this one came to me:

Dayton is StarterTown©.

It’s where Charles Kettering invented the electric starter, but he wasn’t the first to get us started, before him came other great inventors, James Ritty with his cash register, the Wright Brothers with the airplane. It didn’t stop there, from ice cube trays and parking meters, to the pop-top. It’s still going on today, with research and development in composites, RFID, nano-tech and the next generation of air superiority is being invented at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Dayton is also a great place to raise a family. With all kinds of choices in types of livable communities. Affordable, with easy commutes, never far from an amazing park or cultural attraction. It’s got big city arts with a small town feel.

Higher education opportunities abound, and we’ve got one of the highest concentrations of PhD’s around.

If you need water, or power, or not have to worry about natural disasters, Dayton is rock solid- as in built on a huge aquifer of limestone that has so much water we can waste it through giant fountains (when they work) if we want. Our last flood was in 1913- and we built damns so it wouldn’t happen again. One of the biggest public works projects ever when adjusted for modern dollars.

Dayton is also where the Ohio Players started to get funky, the Breeders, Guided By Voices and Hawthorne Heights got their start. We’ve got more on the way- it’s a place that values art.

We’re also a place with heart- when the war in Bosnia needed a place to negotiate- it was Dayton where they came to sign the Peace Accord.

If you’re looking for a place where your ideas can take flight, it’s the place to get your start.

Dayton is StarterTown. On your mark, get set- Start!

You can just make out the check for 10% of what Turner Effect spent on this, and you’re welcome to it JP.

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