Your Dayton Morning Coffee show….

I’m not promising anything, but this morning, Greg Hunter and I sat down (I’m on the right) and had a chat about the issues of the day in Dayton. We’re going to try to do these daily.

We’ll see how we do. A lot depends on views. Today we talked about the retroactive raise given to Rashad Young by Rhine McLin without 2 other signatures of Commissioners. You can read about it in last night’s post (with interesting comments).

We’re putting a face on the blog. Granted, I’d rather be at the Board of Elections getting video of their secret redistricting plan for Montgomery County.

Greg gives what amounts to a monologue at the beginning- but, then it picks up. We’re not professionals, but- hopefully we’ll get better.


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Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander

Thank you gentlemen, very enjoyable, looking forward to watching more segments.
Although, I do wish you could have been filming over at the BOE as well.
Can’t wait to see if you two take these segments on a few “field trips”  around town.

Drexel Dave Sparks
Drexel Dave Sparks

Good job. Tip: take advantage of the youtube annotations editor. You can include links directly in the video to whatever you are talking about, be it a document, a web site, etc…

Dave Sousa

Having spent a several formative years with Mr. Hunter, I’m proud to see he has channeled his energies in this way and that both of you have stepped-up to help make Dayton what it could be.   As a PR and marketing guy, my only suggestion for improvement to your program (other than the donning of masks :) is to include a call-to-action with every issue you highlight. What do you want people to do after listening to you? Picket? Write letters of complaint?
Best wishes on your new adventure!
– Sousa

Jeff Wellbaum
Jeff Wellbaum

Very well done. Maybe after a little practice you both could get your own local hourly talk show on radio.

Bruce Kettelle

Speaking of the BOE, they are busy certifying the final election results today with all the provisionals added in.  Doubt it will change any outcomes in the county but it will be interesting to see.

Teresa Lea

That was hilarious!
Be careful about assuming people know what you are talking about. You should be giving more explanation, maybe a brief rundown of the issue (using complete sentences) prior to the discussion.
Good job for the first run, fellas.
And that’s all I have to say… publicly :)


Great idea. Good luck, I hope you can keep it up.
Suggestion: get some help with the sound… maybe each of you wears a microphone…

Jennifer Alexander
Jennifer Alexander

I’d be interested in seeing this expand, to include videos of public meetings & then  for commentary.
Many of us are too busy to try & get to many of these important meetings like at the BOE.  For a public service such as a  “public meeting watchdog”…I’d donate $


Great idea, David.  I’m very interested in where this leads.  I agree with the above suggestions.

Microphones would do wonders.  The echo kills the sound.
Call To Arms!

Can’t wait for the next one.

Bruce Kettelle

any sound techs out there willing to volunteer?

David Lauri

Tip: take advantage of the youtube annotations editor.
Tip #2: Do a local take off of Stephen Colbert’s “The Word” and be daring with your annotations.  For example, an annotation at about 2:25 carefully placed above David’s head could suggest what he might have been thinking just before Greg says, “David doesn’t believe me. I love that look.”


This is even harder for me to stomach because I voted to give up my pay raise effective Nov. 1, 2009 to help the city.  This was after our union membership was told by Rashad that no mid mangers, non-union city employes and even himself would receive NO pay raises in 2009.  What a slap in the face to give up our pay raise to apparently fund theirs.  Now they are already asking us to forgo any pay raises in 2010 and want further cuts in public saftey.


Nice job! Very entertaining!

Drexel Dave Sparks
Drexel Dave Sparks

You broke 100 views in onw day on your first one. Excellent. WDTN never gets those kind of numbers, and they are always featured atop the news on youtube (if you’ve registered with a local zip).

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Keep up the good work.


Great job..!  Tell Gary he should have the FBI come in and investigate everybody in the City & County and on up to state level.  I would like to see and understand how all the lil private development/coalitions…operate and where there money comes from. Possibly a new ~money flow chart.
It`s a scam & ~cluster. There is a point where it looks like the City & County act like an old`e England world. There is a king…and shires for the reeves.  (the closed door group)