The Dayton executive pay scandal, over coffee

Well, here it is- the second video. We’re learning- but now- we cropped it a little close, and talked too long. David Esrati and Greg Hunter discussing the breakthrough journalism of Joanne Huist Smith at the Dayton Daily News as she uncovers yet another reason taxpayers should be questioning cuts in services:

For three decades, city executives accumulated credit hours through an Executive Savings Plan they could cash in when leaving the city.

Former City Manager Rashad Young walked away with $58,894 when he resigned in October to take a job in North Carolina. His predecessor, James Dinneen, cashed in twice — $125,465 when he first retired in 2005, and $10,582 after he quit a second time in 2006.

Since 2005, the city has made just over $1 million in cash payouts from the plan to 17 employees who retired, quit or were fired.

via City suspends plan allowing execs to stockpile credits for cash.

The comments on the DDN piece have some more nuggets of excess- like the city paying for the parking of managers in the City Hall Garage – while charging the working folks (nice job).

Here is our morning video:



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