So much for three votes. McLin gives Young raise singlehandedly.

The rule is, it takes three votes to pass a resolution. It also, is supposed to take three votes to make a decision to settle a lawsuit, purchase real estate or all those other things the Dayton City Commission has purview over.

Apparently- that’s all horse hockey.

I did a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request of Tom Biedenharn to see the paperwork that granted former City Manager Rashad Young a retroactive raise.

Here is his response, which, due to the bad resolution of the attached PDF- has to make the case:

The Mayor has traditionally been the only person to actually sign paperwork relating to compensation items for the City Manager.  This was true even before Mayor McLin’s tenure.  So in response to your request, attached is the form Mayor McLin signed regarding the step equivalent payment that Rashad received along with other employees.  Her signature is in the “City Manager” block on the attached form. Rashad’s step equivalent was retro to January 1st because that is his anniversary date.

I’m not even changing the name of the PDF that he sent: DOC001.pdf DOC001

The next question is what else has been done- single-handedly- and what should happen?

I believe the Mayor acted illegally in this matter. If any other commissioners knew, they also acted illegally. The head of HR should also be questioned, for not requiring 3 signatures- as should someone in payroll.

Because the raise was not given by three votes, it is null and void, and should be collected from Mr. Young. Without showing a signed resolution with three signatures, heads should roll.

Maybe this kind of action explains why the Mayor is able to raise over a hundred-thousand dollars for her campaign kitty- because she has the ability, to singlehandedly hand out raises and who knows what else.

I’m asking all you smart people out there- isn’t this the job of the County Prosecutor, Mathias Heck- to investigate and prosecute other politicians for criminal acts. Why is it my job to do all the investigations around here?

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