Rashad Young

The political grandstand and Senate Bill 5

Actions speak louder than words and a position on Senate Bill 5 is one of those galvanizing quiz questions candidates will be asked for years to come by union bosses to decide who to lend their financial muscle to. So, we’ll hear lots of postures by candidates- who have zero influence on the issue, but Read More

Your Dayton Morning Coffee show….

I’m not promising anything, but this morning, Greg Hunter and I sat down (I’m on the right) and had a chat about the issues of the day in Dayton. We’re going to try to do these daily. We’ll see how we do. A lot depends on views. Today we talked about the retroactive raise given Read More

So much for three votes. McLin gives Young raise singlehandedly.

The rule is, it takes three votes to pass a resolution. It also, is supposed to take three votes to make a decision to settle a lawsuit, purchase real estate or all those other things the Dayton City Commission has purview over. Apparently- that’s all horse hockey. I did a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) Read More

How does nepotism happen in City Hall?

Either we have rules and policies, or we don’t. It seems there are two types of people who work for our city- honest, hard-working qualified types- and those on the “friends and family” plan. I’ve written about the cronyism before. I’ve written about the patronage jobs. I’ve questioned how some families seem to be entirely Read More

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