Victor Harris

The Democrats who chose Strahorn to run for Luckie’s seat

Sunday afternoon I was one of the Democratic Party Central committee tasked with picking a replacement for Clayton Luckie for the Ohio 39th House seat, in light of his current ethics investigation and voluntary withdrawal from the race. The district is reportedly one of the most Democratic leaning in the State, meaning whomever we picked, Read More

Post election campaign finance reports, and Esrati screws up.

Mr. Whaley (I mean Sam Braun) was standing around at the deadline to see my final campaign finance report. He also started asking about my designation of treasurer form. Turns out, I didn’t file one. It was a screw-up, and I blew it. [note: I have filed a Federal designation, for my Congressional campaign, and Read More

The unintended consequences of cronyism and the downfall of the Montgomery County Democratic Party

For as long as I’ve been in Dayton, the Montgomery County Democratic Party has been the least “democratic” organization in town. Joe Shump ruled for years with a style more akin to a Russian Czar. When Dennis Lieberman took over, the old ways were hard to stop: closed door meetings, no active recruitment of ward Read More

DDN board with Roth present goes against the flow- Endorses Harris

You read it here first- when I said Vic Harris should run despite the Democratic Party Secret Screening Society decided he shouldn’t. Now, the DDN editorial board actually agrees with me- the Vic Harris is the kind of fresh energy that the Democratic party should be encouraging. Not only that, primaries are good- giving voters Read More

And there will be no more secret meetings in Dem HQ either…

Was at the Board of Elections this morning, filing my signatures (113- same as my house number)- and saw Lt. Col. Vic Harris US Army Ret. checking his signatures to run in the Ohio 40th against “endorsed candidate” Roland Winburn (see this post). Vic doesn’t have his site up yet, but he has a nice Read More