Post election campaign finance reports, and Esrati screws up.

Mr. Whaley (I mean Sam Braun) was standing around at the deadline to see my final campaign finance report. He also started asking about my designation of treasurer form. Turns out, I didn’t file one. It was a screw-up, and I blew it. [note: I have filed a Federal designation, for my Congressional campaign, and failed to file a change of treasurer form to a local filing- with my new treasurers name]

I’m now getting reported to the Ohio Election Commission. Note, all finance reports were turned in on time and correctly.

I’ll be down at the Board of Elections on Monday filing it late.


–  I’ll also pick up the campaign finance reports of Gary Leitzel post-election campaign finance report 09 and Williams post-election finance report 09 to post. Right now, I only have Rhine and Nan’s.


The deposed Mayor kept $22,695 on hand. Whoops. Maybe she should have bought some television to go with all those mailings featuring Gary Leitzell’s picture- and the bit of radio she bought. Interesting big donors-

  • $561 from the National City Corporation PAC (note, the bank was already folded into PNC by that time- but they were still looking to buy a mayor off)
  • $500 from the “Schenectady First Fund” (the honorable Brian Stratton) – He’s a mayor from NY?
  • $2500 from CNCZ (Name unknown) PAC of 15 W. Fourth St. Suite 100- (this warrants further research)
  • $500 From Caresource Management Services Co. Not a PAC, but a corporation, I thought that was illegal.
  • $5000 Mary A Mathile (this after Rhine had already collected 10x what Gary Leitzell had raised)
  • $500 Thomas W. Lovett
  • $500 Arthur G Meyer A.A. L. (I don’t know what A.A. L. is- do you?)
  • $1000 from Boich Law Office, LLC, of Gahanna- another corporate donation? Hmmm.
  • $250 From Dayton School Superintendent Kurt T. Stanic- who was recommended by the same firm who ran Rhine’s campaign, and that he gave a no-bid marketing contract to.
  • $250 From Foley For Commission- as in County Commissioner Dan Foley.

She spent a lot of money with the Ohio Democratic Party on the mailings: $21,176

She bought herself  a computer for $831.42 and paid $5K to the Montgomery County Democratic party for mailings.


Here is her report: Rhine McLin 09 post election campagn finance report

Ms. Nan Whaley kept $22,484 on hand. She raised a lot less this period with a total of $3,860.

Notable donations:

  • $500 from Mr. Lucas Liakos, owner of Masque, the Vue and Diamonds.
  • $500 from B.B.E.W.-C.O.P.E. of Washington DC PAC numbr C00027342
  • $150 from Victor Harris- who ran against party favorite Roland Winburn in the OH-40, Victor is living in DC.
  • $200 from Foley for Commission

She spent $6,160 with the Ohio Democratic Party as a “Contribution” and another $6000 as the same five days later (these should be mailings).$1000 on Dan Farkas of Dublin Ohio as a “media consultant”

She states she was given postage, mail service and  printing in kind from the Ohio Democratic Party: $11,655.19 – nice, we’re trading.

Here is the Nan Whaley report: Nan Whaley post election campaign finance report 09

Read and enjoy. Once again, shouldn’t this data be available on the Board of Election site?

Don’t worry- they won’t sweat it, they’ve now nailed me for failure to file my “Designation of treasurer” after we already filed at least one report. Get ready for the crucifixion of your favorite independent candidate at the hands of the partisan Ohio Elections Commission.

If you want to see the pre-election reports- so you can total things up:

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