Joey D. Williams Campaign finance report

Post election campaign finance reports, and Esrati screws up.

Mr. Whaley (I mean Sam Braun) was standing around at the deadline to see my final campaign finance report. He also started asking about my designation of treasurer form. Turns out, I didn’t file one. It was a screw-up, and I blew it. [note: I have filed a Federal designation, for my Congressional campaign, and Read More

Pre-Election Campaign finance reports: Dayton City Commission

This post will go in phases- as I get them turned into PDF. Here is Nan Whaley: Nan Whaley Pre-Election Highlights: Appx $48K raised, $15K spent $5K donation from “Ballot Club General Fund” a K Street Lobbyist (I can’t find info on them) $2K donation from Teamsters Local Union No. 957 PAC OH 556 $671.33 Read More