Urban Renewal

The “silver bullet” fails again

I’ve never been a fan of the so called “silver bullet” solution to anything. There is no magic wand that you can wave and all your problems go away. I believe in systems, in total quality control, in outstanding customer service, in the balanced scorecard- in comprehensive solutions to problems. In a planning retreat yesterday- Read More

Save it or make it? A strategy for cities.

I’m working on a piece about changes in an East Dayton community. It’s been ignored by the city and the public for too long- virtually written off. It’s where I’m finding signs of the strongest thinking about how to solve problems within “the system” that we’ve created- and lauded (rightly or wrongly) as the greatest Read More

Whaley wishy washy on Julienne in Five Oaks.

There are buildings that shouldn’t be torn down. There are people who don’t understand that. When I look at pictures of Dayton from 1950, I realize that much of our decline started with “urban renewal” of the early 1960s. I also know that Europeans laugh at what we call old, when they routinely still use Read More