Courthouse Square

How to legally deal with the Klan coming to Dayton

Free speech is protected, and the Klan can spew their hate at their own risk anytime they want. They can come to Dayton, sit in a bar, and talk trash and see what happens. However, demanding permission to have a rally on Courthouse Square is sort of like saying that the next Belmont/Dunbar game should Read More

I just want to beat on a drum all day- this Saturday

A friend from Junior High School endorses me- and another from elementary school is hosting Drum Dayton on Courthouse Square this weekend. Here’s my friend Thurmond talking about me: And here is the lineup for Drum Dayton courtesy of Peter Benkendorf who grew up a few blocks from me and is a year older. TENTATIVE Read More

Local media minimizes Occupy Dayton rally- while ignoring their role in the rally

In the same issue where they proudly show how much money is being spent with TV stations on Issue 5- they cut the number in half of the people in the protest: Demonstrators allying themselves with protesters around the country who say they are fed up with corporate greed and perceived government indifference to Americans Read More

The 2 Party System is really the rich vs the other 99% of us, Occupy Dayton

Occupy Dayton Rally today- next on Saturday

We protested a bit today on Courthouse Square in Dayton, Ohio. Will be back out on Saturday. The Facebook group Occupy Dayton has added 250 since last night when it had 500. Go ahead and like it yourself. I’ll write a longer post- but for now, look back to this one: Would you recognize the Read More

Urban Nights May 2011- my ramble through a thriving downtown Dayton

First regret- I didn’t make it over to W. Third street this time- last year it was the happening place. We started out meeting a bunch of friends at Taqueria Mixteca– the best hole in the wall Mexican food in town. Good news is that they are planning on expanding and adding a liquor license- Read More

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