universal health care

Just hit pause

People are aghast in Ohio that at the last minute, after the governor couldn’t shut down the polls today, the health commissioner did, and she probably saved millions of lives. Others, are so used to their daily hustle economy, where they feel like they are kingpins of control, realize, that all they controlled was based Read More

Lifetime limits on health insurance? How about lifetime limits on CEO pay?

It’s funny, every time I suggest tying CEO pay of publicly owned companies to the average U.S. worker’s wage of the company- with a ratio of 40-1, I get scolded by the right wingers and the libertarians who read this site. Yet, it’s not their money; it’s the shareholders’ money they are paying themselves with, Read More

Health insurance is not health care

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s time to throw the entire health insurance industry out the window and put that 35% premium on health care toward health care. The entire system of pay for procedure instead of pay for results- is flawed, as is our structure of “non-profit” corporate hospitals. Please Read More

How much do 3 stitches cost?

A friend cut his hand (crotch of the thumb and forefinger) with a carpet knife at work a few weeks back. He has no insurance and no workers comp. He also doesn’t have a car or a drivers license. It was a four block walk to Miami Valley Hospital emergency room- and about a mile Read More