Lifetime limits on health insurance? How about lifetime limits on CEO pay?

It’s funny, every time I suggest tying CEO pay of publicly owned companies to the average U.S. worker’s wage of the company- with a ratio of 40-1, I get scolded by the right wingers and the libertarians who read this site. Yet, it’s not their money; it’s the shareholders’ money they are paying themselves with, and other than winning a pissing contest on who can rob their companies of the most cash.

I’ve also proposed that the federal government stops doing business with companies that pay their CEOs excessive amounts. Again, I was chastised.

So, can anyone tell me how you can pay for health insurance, and then when you have a medical disaster, how the insurance company can get away with having “Lifetime Limits” on coverage? All while the CEO of the same insurance company has no problem taking home a $144 million a year paycheck? How about a lifetime limit on his compensation to match his insurance policies?

From today’s DDN is the story of a kid with brain tumors who has to count on his school to raise money to keep him alive- despite having health insurance:

It’s reassuring to know they can count on their church and community when there’s so much uncertainty. The Neals are not sure, for instance, about the meaning of the $2.2 million lifetime limit for their Anthem/Blue Cross coverage. “If we pass the $2 million mark, does that mean they never cover anything again?” Jason asked. “Even if you were a millionaire, you’d be broke.”

via Fundraising key to cost of staying alive.

There’s a bumper sticker a neighbor used to have: “I want to see the day when schools are all well-funded and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber” – or something slightly shorter.

I’ve got another friend who has said that the real movement for change in this country should be guided by one word, “Fairness,” and not by political ideologies of the left, right or weird. If everything were fair, we wouldn’t have kids selling cookies to keep their classmate alive.

Universal health care can’t be as bad as this sad story. The key is to take the insurance companies out of health care altogether and actually put the money into making people healthy- not making the CEOs of these companies rich.

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