Health insurance is not health care

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s time to throw the entire health insurance industry out the window and put that 35% premium on health care toward health care.

The entire system of pay for procedure instead of pay for results- is flawed, as is our structure of “non-profit” corporate hospitals.

Please watch this video, and tell me why you would prefer to continue this insanity instead of having universal health care?

I used to pay 100% of my employees’ health insurance, however after the CEO’s of United Health Care and Anthem both got $140 million dollar paychecks in one year, my small business couldn’t afford to continue to provide coverage.

If there is a single reader who is paying less, or even paying the same, for the same benefits over the last 10 years, I’ll consider changing my mind.

When elected to Congress, I promise to push for universal health care. There will still be opportunities for doctors and hospitals to compete with this system the way I envision it, however, they will have to operate on a cash basis- for the people like the 1% who believe that universal health care- and a healthy population isn’t good for this country.

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Health insurance, what is that?  I haven’t had any in six years!  (that either, lol)  I hope you win as our next OH Congressman, David; but will you have to move to Columbus?  Will you keep your business?  Can I be your assistant at the Capital?  :-)


  David, UnitedHealthcare has a slimy history of rule breaking, option backdating, and out of court settlements. Some of the distinguished alumni of the UnitedHealthcare Board of Directors include Walter Mondale, Donna Shalala, and James J. Johnson (yes, of Fannie Mae fame). These folks are members of the 1% and belong to the same political party that created the health care bill.
 “For the people like the 1% who believe that universal health care-and a healthy population isn’t good for this country.”
 This type of sweeping generalization may appeal to the Occupy folks, but one doubts that it can be substantiated. The campaign has begun.

David Lauri

Gary, bless your heart, your “will you have to move to Columbus” question gave me a good laugh this morning.


I’m serious, albeit confused then: Is David E. running for an Ohio State Congressman in Columbus or for Mike Turner’s seat in Washington?  All I’m saying is, when David E. wins, he’s going to have to spend lots of time away from home, right David E.?  Will you sell your business if you win?
David L., I guess it’s better to laugh than to throw stones, right?  I just want to learn, that’s all …
Call me an idiot …

99% Question
99% Question

David, the single biggest driver of health over the last 12+ years most likely has been our federal government allowing drug companies to advertise prescription medication to consumers via television. This practice was illegal until the Clinton administration changed the policy in the late 1990’s. Since then drug marketing companies have been using marketing to herd us to the doctor. Direct to consumer or DTC marketing of drugs is banned in Europe and Asia. It is only legal in New Zealand according to my research. All Obama needed to do to help us would be to stand up to these corporations and ban this practice but he went the other route, took their bribe money and came up with Obamacare that will now use our tax dollars to supplement their corporate stealing. The other 1% thieves are the trail attorneys (75% of their donotions go to the Democrats according to opensecrets) that extort our heath system using the legal system. Are you going to address either of these issues and help the 99%?