Just hit pause

The pause the world button

The Pause the world button.

People are aghast in Ohio that at the last minute, after the governor couldn’t shut down the polls today, the health commissioner did, and she probably saved millions of lives.

Others, are so used to their daily hustle economy, where they feel like they are kingpins of control, realize, that all they controlled was based on rules that may not apply anymore. Money doesn’t buy safety from the corona virus, power doesn’t either. Common sense does.

Politicians aren’t very good out of the box thinkers. Many are lawyers, which is the only profession that gives bonus points for plagiarism. We are headed into a new economy, a slower one, but, just for a while. A cure will come, or after a process of unnatural natural selection, the deaths will slow. Life will return to pre-corona virus norms with some adaptations. The handshake may be replaced by bowing- and is that a horrible thing? More people will work, pray, learn virtually. Things will change. But, right this minute, so many can’t imagine the world differently, and that’s what we have to do, fast. Change is hard. But, having people die is harder.

We’ve seen the stock market crash before. Unfortunately, since we’ve not learned from past failures, we’ve still allowed fantasy value to overshadow real value. There is no need for the stock market to act like a casino, never was, except for the gamblers who have all just lost their ill-gotten fools gold. The markets should have been fixed after the last failure, in 2009, with a simple rule, anything bought and sold with less than a year of holding, should be taxed at 90%. There is no such thing as microsecond “investment”- never was, never will be. Stop it. No stock will ever be more valuable than a skilled doctor, with a ventilator and a vaccine, or cure. Once you get infected, you may realize it, even if you are a hedge fund genius billionaire.

No one needs to fly right now, unless you are moving life saving cargo or life saving people. Shut the skies down and keep the virus from spreading. It’s not optional.

Realize that every single person could be either a lifesaver or the grim reaper. Be careful who you come into close contact with, where you go.

As to how do we all get through this? We had three presidential candidates who had part of the answers, we need to blend them into one. Fast. First, instead of pumping money into one market or industry, we need to just put everything on a giant ledger for later. Push pause. It’s not about cutting the interest rate to banks, it’s about pausing interest on loans altogether and expanding access to capital globally. Extend all rents, mortgages, loans, credit card payments for 3 months, and slow down. The world as we know it will be smaller, and so what if the amount of money in circulation grows as long as we’re still alive. The dead can’t spend it. Create a Universal Basic Income to everyone and do it fast. Boost all credit lines by 20%. People need to be able to buy food even if they can’t work because their jobs had to be paused. Credit Andrew Yang.

Second, we have to have affordable and effective health care for everyone through the crisis and beyond. A system that is built to profit will always have winners and losers, a system built to keep us healthy and we all win. Credit Bernie Sanders.

Play love button

Play Love Button

And third, all we need is love. Yes, she seemed crazy to many in the first debates, but, love doesn’t cost us a damn thing and it’s the only thing that will make sure we survive. Sure, we can continue to believe guns and missiles and nuclear bombs give us power- until a little virus grinds the world to a halt. It’s time for global disarmament. To stop wasting our time trying to project power through weapons of destruction. Borders mean nothing to Covid19, and neither does the color of your skin, what god you pray to, or what language you speak. Love is the answer- Marianne Williamson had it right.

thumbnail of Dayton hello neighbor corona virus

6 up flyer to print for you. click on image to download PDF

More than anything, it’s time to help your fellow neighbor. If you were as luck as me, you’d live in a community, a neighborhood like mine. The South Park neighborhood of Dayton is where “neighbors become friends.” Immediately, people were volunteering to help their neighbors. And even though a lot of us know each other, I printed out 120 of these flyers (6 up) for younger people to distribute door to door. The flyer says:

Hello Neighbor!
Because you live in the best neighborhood in Dayton, if you self isolating, self quarantined, living alone or unable to go to the store please let a neighbor lend a hand! I can shop or run errands and leave items on the porch. Let us know if you have other needs!
My name is: ________________________
I live at: ___________________________
You can reach me  by calling/texting:
If you are online, find help here:

My neighbor Brad, offered to go to the grocery for me (although I hate to admit it, just having had a collapsed lung and a broken rib from a hockey accident and being 57 I’m compromised). We’ve discussed 8pm porch time- where people sit on their porches and say hi- or play music, or do magic tricks for folks. I’ve put out a box of my dad’s novel for people to take, so we can do a mass read (a lawsuit against a criminal agent left me with 5000 copies in my basement). We’re talking about 15ft stayaway soccer on Sunday. People are coordinating to make sure everyone has enough to eat, help with critical life activities and practicing love thy neighbor.

Through all this, just remember, the virus doesn’t have a jet pack, it can’t move itself from the floor to your mouth, nose or eyes by itself. It can’t replicate without a host. If we don’t actively spread it, we survive. So, stay away from people as much as possible, wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your face unless you’ve washed, and hit that pause button.

The ultimate coronavirus siesta is here. Take a chill pill and pause. Peace and Love will get us through.

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