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Signals crossed: Mayor vs School Board for Dayton Tax hike “for the kids”

Earlier this week, the Mayor and her minions started testing the waters for a .25% income tax hike, raising Dayton’s rate to rival Oakwood’s highest in the County 2.5%. Oakwood, with the best schools, the lowest crime, perfectly kept streets and backyard trash pickup. A place where public parks look like Disneyland- and even have Read More

How to make Dayton a more education centric community

There is no doubt that educational achievement is good for a community’s economy. Good schools are still one of the prime factors driving residential real estate values. And while Dayton public schools are oft maligned and score poorly on state report cards, we come back to the basics of computer programming: garbage in, garbage out. Read More

Educational social Darwinism at work

The State of Ohio released it’s report card. In a case of grade inflation- no school systems are in “academic emergency” this year- but Dayton is still in the bottom of the ratings. Is it Dayton’s fault? Is it the levy? Is it the Superintendent’s fault? The teachers? Nope. It’s the same problem we’ve had Read More