An all I want for Christmas story…

Earlier this week, before the arctic invasion, the Grinch visited the region and had everyone talking. It wasn’t exactly the baby Lindbergh kidnapping, despite there being twice as many babies taken, and of course, they weren’t white or rich… which is why this story will soon be forgotten. But, should it be?

It seems that people have to die to have us take action. And, even then, the actions may not solve the problems. Ask the parents of Sandy Hook students who were gunned down. Or, all the people who have laws named after them, quick, can you tell me what Jennifer’s law is? Or Johnathan’s Law?

Five month old twins, Kason and Kyair Thomas, were sitting in the back seat of their mother’s black 2010 Honda Accord, while their mother, a door-dasher, was in a Donato’s Pizza, picking up an order (remember when pizza places had their own delivery drivers).

A 24 year old, mentally ill woman, Nalah Jackson, hopped in the still running car and drove off… to Dayton, where she dropped one of the twins off in the airport parking lot, before driving off again. A 5 state “be on the lookout” alert, or BOLO, was issued. Social media erupted, where is the baby? A few days later, the second baby was found safe, the kidnapper caught, and all was right with the world.

But, it shouldn’t be.

There is nothing in the constitution about kidnapping or cars, and you don’t even need to have a drivers license to pull this off, so, no one can say, cars caused this crime. And, no one died, so it’s a Christmas miracle story. Thankfully, this all happened before the thermometer broke at minus 7.

We’ve moved on. And we shouldn’t have.

Because, despite the willingness to spend a ton of money with cops all over being tasked to rescue the baby, and so much attention poured into it, with people thinking they had just been deputized to find the car, the kidnapper and the baby- we’re missing the point.

None of this should have happened. And, we could do something about it, but we don’t.

About the same time that we were all patting ourselves on the back and saying, the twins are safe, Congress was passing an omnibus spending bill that included a $45 billion increase to President Joe Biden’s defense spending plans. Do you feel safer? With the biggest peacetime defense spending ever?

Did those defense dollars protect Kason and Kyair? What if Santa stepped in, and said, “No, No, No, little children of Congress, spending money on weapons of war isn’t making anyone safer, you could do so much more.”

Let’s first ask the question why the kidnapper wasn’t being treated for her mental illness? Do we have the same health care that our congressmen do? Of course not. National health care is only something every other advanced country does. We just build better bombs for killing. Could that monster of a defense budget be trimmed by half and the money put into keeping American’s healthy and safe from catastrophic illness? Of course they could. We only spend more on defense than well… China, India, Russia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Japan, and South Korea — combined. Note, six of those are allies (I refuse to call Saudi Arabia an ally).

What happens to our gross domestic output, when money is spent on health care for Americans instead of bombs for war? We’re healthier, safer, and the economy grows exponentially, because healthy Americans produce more, end up in prison less, require less public assistance, and the insane costs of “insurance” which is pure overhead goes away. Maybe, the kidnapper isn’t the mentally ill one- maybe it’s Congress with the true affliction.

But, of course, you say that government run health care would make us all have to wait longer for care, that it wouldn’t be as good, that we wouldn’t have the freedom to choose our doctor. Get cancer, without health insurance and tell me how that all works out. And, I hope you don’t have to buy insulin either- where you’ll be paying at least 10x what the rest of the world does.

So, forget Santa’s first gift of reason on all of us. What else could we have done to stop this kidnapping from happening? How about affordable, subsidized day care for all? Then maybe the twin’s mom, wouldn’t have them riding around in the back of her 12 year old car while she door-dashes for those too lazy to cook, or pick their own pizza up.

Absurd you say? What would happen if we spent $45B on daycare for all instead of more bombs, drones and war? Parent’s could give full attention to their jobs, and not have to worry about their kids welfare. Let’s also point out, that the Gig economy, which is what makes Door-dash viable, is just a new form of wage slavery. To do it, you have to supply the car, the gas, the cell phone, you have to pay for your own insurance, you have “freedom” to work when you please, but no guarantees of income, or dignity or even safety (we’re just in the process of turning juveniles who shot and killed a Lyft driver in Dayton over to adult court for trial on murder charges in case you forgot).

What would happen if we eliminated the slavery of the gig economy, and made sure that our young people could raise the next generation without having to resort to keeping their children with them while they work. Again, the impact of those billions being spent to provide for American children, would supercharge the economy, and increase the speed of money (once you build a bomb, the money just sits there, in a warehouse, until you blow something up- which then has to be rebuilt- often at a cost to us as well). Paying day care workers instead, the money gets spent and the economy grows.

When the people finally hear Santa’s message, and they think about how just these two shifts in our national priorities would make us all safer, more productive and wealthier- moving us closer to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness which was what the founding fathers started with, long before they guaranteed the right to bear arms… the people may decide to rise up and demand that Congress rethink their position on what constitutes national security. Is it more bombs, or is it health care, more ships, or day care.

And then, when the voices all rise, with Santa at the front, Congress gives their response. Santa, is a socialist! He can’t be trusted. He wears a red suit, his nose is red, he’s a RED! And his workshop, where he has little people working in a sweat shop (that’s the real reason he’s at the North Pole- saves on air conditioning for the factory floor), he doesn’t even pay them, we don’t care how good Mrs. Claus’s cookies may be. They demanded his tax returns, and claimed he wasn’t a non-profit, no matter how many toys he gave away, because he’d failed to file a 990.

The sad news is our elections were never stolen, they were bought by the people who bought your congress and the president. But, those twins were stolen, and the real crime of the century may be we’re all guilty of letting it happen, every time we go to the ballot box and vote like sheep for people who don’t care one iota about your health, safety or welfare, or that of the twins.

“National security” is an oxymoron, and we need to stop electing morons who don’t understand that.

This Christmas, Santa, we don’t want toys for all the good little girls and boys, we want health care and day care and someone like you to run for president in 2024.

Happy Holidays from David Esrati, the candidate who asks the hard questions.

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