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an all I want for christmas story

An all I want for Christmas story…

Earlier this week, before the arctic invasion, the Grinch visited the region and had everyone talking. It wasn’t exactly the baby Lindbergh kidnapping, despite there being twice as many babies taken, and of course, they weren’t white or rich… which is why this story will soon be forgotten. But, should it be? It seems that Read More

Time to tax hospitals?

With the new passage of our national health insurance reform, everyone will be covered by 2014. At least that’s what we’re being told. This takes away the excuse hospitals have used to avoid paying property taxes like every other business-which has been that they have been providing services to the indigent. It was a line Read More

Understanding “socialism” 101- and health care

When we were walking door-to-door yesterday one of my campaign volunteers told me about an encounter with a voter who was fearful of “Obamacare” and “socialized medicine.” My volunteer was so proud of herself for trying to explain that we already have socialism when it comes to so many services- police, fire, roads etc. I’ve Read More

A brief history of our Federal debt

I’ve been meaning to share this for a while- but hadn’t had a chance. [youtube][/youtube] I.O.USA the movie: A thirty minute economics and history lesson on how the Federal deficit grew, and what we’d have to do to start reversing the trend. Although it doesn’t talk about the impact of a national health care system, Read More