President Obama

A bad comedy gone wrong

I spent 12 hours in a classroom yesterday to get my CCW permit. Over and over, it was drilled into us, you can’t go shooting people over property, insults, or because you don’t like someone. And here is President Obama saying he’s going to go after North Korea for hacking Sony Entertainment and threatening movie Read More

“The last nail in my political future” – supporting gay marriage

Yesterday, the president, our first black president, finally took the correct stand on gay marriage- to support it. It’s not about god, the bible or religion, it’s about equal rights. The same equal rights that were so long in coming to the black community, are starting to have a chance for the LBGT community. On Read More

Payroll tax breaks aren’t enough, Mr. President: reset mortgage rates

Last night the president placated Republicans by throwing them a tax break they couldn’t resist, cut a few points off the payroll taxes. The idea is to stimulate the economy by putting more cash in working people’s hands. But, this is just a temporary fix, and it doesn’t do much to change the real financial Read More

Is smart doomed?

Faced with a massive failure of the Wall Street Casino, it would seem that enlightened leadership would take a shot at reforming the system to prevent a repeat swan dive. So far, that hasn’t happened. True, President Obama (the closest thing we’ve had to an intellectual leader since Clinton, who was too stupid to understand Read More

Bank of America? Live from Mumbai.

A friend was having problems paying their mortgage and called Countrywide/Bank of America to see if they could qualify for the federal assistance plan. They have a name for it- the “home retention program.” Of course, Bank of America bought Countrywide, after it went bust- while Angelo Mozilo, the CEO was making millions (he’s now Read More

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