Bank of America? Live from Mumbai.

A friend was having problems paying their mortgage and called Countrywide/Bank of America to see if they could qualify for the federal assistance plan. They have a name for it- the “home retention program.”

Of course, Bank of America bought Countrywide, after it went bust- while Angelo Mozilo, the CEO was making millions (he’s now under investigation).

So, who picks up the phone to help you apply for the assistance? An American working at a call center like the one on Wilmington Pike in the former DESC? Of course not- it’s outsourced to Mumbai. A former intern’s husband lost his job a few months ago at the GE credit facility there. I’m sure he could be working for Countrywide with a minimum of cross-training.

Keeping Indians hard at work. I’m sorry President Obama, that just doesn’t cut it. You accept government bailout money, you still pay your executives’ annual pay with 2 commas in the figure- you better be employing AMERICANS first if you want us to be able to make our home payments, buy new cars, etc.

We, the taxpaying public, own 85% of AIG, I’m not sure what the stake in BofA is- but, if you want to see Americans not lose their homes, it’s time to give some people in India pink slips.

That’s a start on a stimulus plan.

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