Angelo Mozilo

The Feds shut down the wrong casino

Let’s see- GE pays no corporate taxes. We have hedge fund managers collecting billions a year– while making the global economy fail. Angelo Mozilo gets to pay back a pittance of his pay in return for throwing millions of Americans into foreclosure- but no criminal prosecution. Ignore the 10% unemployment figures, ignore the US workers Read More

Funny, the description of Jordan sounds just like here.

It’s time Americans paid attention to our future- as played out in the Arab republics. While we wave the flag and claim ourselves a “democracy” there is very little democratic process in our elections which generally provide power to the highest bidder. How we have a congress full of millionaires is one of the mysteries Read More

Bank of America? Live from Mumbai.

A friend was having problems paying their mortgage and called Countrywide/Bank of America to see if they could qualify for the federal assistance plan. They have a name for it- the “home retention program.” Of course, Bank of America bought Countrywide, after it went bust- while Angelo Mozilo, the CEO was making millions (he’s now Read More

Why it’s still the economy stupid.

As a former US Army paratrooper, I know a little bit about parachutes. As a businessman, I know that profit is a return for risk. What I don’t understand is how a man who risked nothing personally, yet ruined the lives of thousands of employees, set our financial markets into a tailspin, is granted a Read More