A brief history of our Federal debt

I’ve been meaning to share this for a while- but hadn’t had a chance.

I.O.USA the movie: A thirty minute economics and history lesson on how the Federal deficit grew, and what we’d have to do to start reversing the trend.

Although it doesn’t talk about the impact of a national health care system, I believe improving our ability to practice proactive preventive medicine and keep a healthier population can make a huge impact on future Medicare costs.

I also believe that stronger trade policy can change dynamics pretty quickly. It’s not just our consumption of oil that is hurting us- it’s our consumption of cheap overseas labor that has decimated our industrial base.

Throw in the environmental impact of manufacturing in third world nations that don’t regulate emissions and we’re also looking at an environmental meltdown at about the same time the wheels fall off the US economy. The global population explosion is also going to put a huge strain on the planet’s ability to feed us all.

Tightening belts is only a small part of changing the future, exercising new trade and tax policies will either make or break us.

The short version of this movie is sobering. I don’t know if I could endure the full version without wanting to slit my wrists, but I think it’s well worth a half hour of your time.

And, I’m sure that when Barack Obama began his run for the presidency, this wasn’t what he thought he was signing up for.

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