Understanding “socialism” 101- and health care

When we were walking door-to-door yesterday one of my campaign volunteers told me about an encounter with a voter who was fearful of “Obamacare” and “socialized medicine.” My volunteer was so proud of herself for trying to explain that we already have socialism when it comes to so many services- police, fire, roads etc.

I’ve also tried to tell people that the VA system that provides my health care now is absolutely better than the un-managed private one I used to trust.

New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof does a great job of explaining what government can do right- and why we shouldn’t fear government run health care- I highly recommend that you read the entire piece:

In truth, despite the deeply ingrained American conviction that government is bumbling when it is not evil, government intervention has been a step up in some areas from the private sector.

via Op-Ed Columnist – Health Care That Works – NYTimes.com.

The woman who was afraid of “Obamacare” also was a “birther” and believed that Obama was a communist. It confused her that he also seemed to be a family man- and was always seen with his wife and kids.

The First Amendment gives people the right to say almost anything- and some, take advantage of it (this writer included), however, it’s your right- and responsibility to read, learn and decide for yourself which makes more sense.

Our “health care” system is making millionaires out of insurance company executives- while doctors are fighting with paperwork instead of treating patients. Americans should be upset that they don’t get to choose their health care- that it comes “with the job,” Imagine if your employer was also able to tell you who to vote for, where to live (and that’s why the residency rule needed to go) and what to eat? Why do so many want to protect the current system?

Is change that scary, that you are willing to stay with a system that does everything possible to screw us all, with higher rates, hoops to jump through- where the focus is on pay-for-procedure instead of pay for outcomes?

Change is scary. Living in fear caused by ignorance is scarier.

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