Time to tax hospitals?

With the new passage of our national health insurance reform, everyone will be covered by 2014. At least that’s what we’re being told. This takes away the excuse hospitals have used to avoid paying property taxes like every other business-which has been that they have been providing services to the indigent.

It was a line of bull to begin with- because those costs were just passed along to those who paid insurance, or by charging much higher rates to those without insurance. If you need to read about how this happened- read this post: “How much do 3 stitches cost?”

Besides, when hospitals and insurance companies can afford to pay their executives millions of dollars per year, someone is profiting greatly. Not exactly the same as a non-profit that struggles to finance operations that are dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Trust me- these CEOs aren’t struggling at all.

The reality is- we’ve been subsidizing this industry for too long- and now, are putting laws into place to actually get something back from our investments. Now that the playing field is getting leveled- and everyone will be getting services for the same price, it’s time for hospitals to contribute to the communities that support them just like everyone else. They depend on good roads, fire departments, police, good leadership, an educated workforce, so why not pay for it? Besides, looking over campaign finance reports for the last 20 years- you can see the leadership of hospitals have no problems giving large sums to political candidates.

With schools suffering every time a piece of property is acquired by a hospital, their rampant expansion has hurt schools throughout the State. It’s time to realign our taxation strategy.

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