Mayor McLin

Wacko mail author identified, questioned, let off easy

For years I’ve been accused of sending out bizarre snail mail- often photocopied, cut and pasted, taped together. Sometimes it has my return address, sometimes it has someone else’s- and I would get it, too. I’ve had letters written back to me from Mayor McLin, Maureen Pero- thanking me curtly for my “notes”- for a Read More

So much for three votes. McLin gives Young raise singlehandedly.

The rule is, it takes three votes to pass a resolution. It also, is supposed to take three votes to make a decision to settle a lawsuit, purchase real estate or all those other things the Dayton City Commission has purview over. Apparently- that’s all horse hockey. I did a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) Read More

Neighborhood housing reinvestment, Atlanta style

I’m throwing this out for discussion- because it’s an alternative to explore in Dayton. I’m also bringing this up because I’ve had to listen to Mayor McLin talk about giving derelict homes to young college graduates to rehab- which in my opinion is an unrealistic and unnecessary “solution” if you think about it. One thing Read More

How much does an errand boy cost the Mayor (and you)?

The Mayor, who makes around $40k a year for her part-time position, has an “Executive assistant to the City Commission” whom she sends out to get her mail at the vacant building. Kery Gray got two promotions this year. One on Jan. 5, 2009, and another on Jan. 26, now with a salary of $89,294.40. Read More

Dayton’s number one priority for David Esrati

I can write the plan, I can write more than 1,000 posts on this site, I can talk about all the little things we could do- and even some of the big things, but there is no greater priority than solving this problem: From 2001 to 2008, Dayton’s population declined by nearly 10,000 — from Read More

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