How much does an errand boy cost the Mayor (and you)?

The Mayor, who makes around $40k a year for her part-time position, has an “Executive assistant to the City Commission” whom she sends out to get her mail at the vacant building.

Kery Gray got two promotions this year. One on Jan. 5, 2009, and another on Jan. 26, now with a salary of $89,294.40. He makes double what the Mayor makes and she has him running errands for her.

They pay the Secretary to the executive assistant, Erin Jefferies, $40,102.40 and there is at least one more legislative aide, Bobbi Dillon, making $41,870.

I understand that this country has CEO’s making more than the President, and that the Governor makes about the same as what we pay the city manager, but, at least all these people have full-time positions.

If the Mayor would do her job properly, as a member of a Board of Directors, instead of trying to be the City Manager, we would have more money to pay for enforcing laws (the number one priority established by the Priority Boards last year- a test question that none of the incumbents knew the answer to last night).

Apparently while heading into a $17 million hole, a whole bunch of middle management, salaried employees got “step” increases in their paychecks while the city was crying poor to the unions.

Is this an example of the “tight financial” controls that “the team” touts from its secret monthly meeting? They disguised the raises as “step increases” to hide the facts from the people.

But then again, we’d never have known about the overpaid errand boy, except for a porcelain pig in a blanket.

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