So much for just the “liberal media”- Colin Powell endorses Obama

If you only watch one YouTube video endorsement of a candidate this season, this is the one to watch. In a measured, reasoned and well thought out series of answers, Colin Powell puts the smackdown on the direction of John McCain and the Republican party.

He flat out says that Sarah Palin isn’t fit to be president, and brushes aside any question of Obama’s ability to lead the country at war.

His dismissal of the Bill Ayers “controversy” and his questioning of why people even care if Barack Obama is a Muslim as opposed to is he, or isn’t he, shows why Powell is considered a master statesman.


Powell also says he doesn’t think that this country could stand two more Republican appointments to the Supreme Court.

For all that want to claim that Obama is the darling of the “liberal media” – this endorsement should be a clear indication that Obama is more than just a slick speaker, but a man of substance, or as Powell put it- a transformational leader.

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