Joey D Williams

Dayton Baptist Ministers’ Conference candidates forum: Podcast

We have some amazing voices in this community- and they opened their meeting in song. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the recorder going for the opening. There were no strict time limits. When I arrived on time, only Joe Lacey of the Dayton school Board and Charlie Shoemaker, executive director of Metroparks were there. We were Read More

The oligarchy backs the monopoly: local dems like casinos

I’m not sure what just happened, unless the Issue 3 people wrote the locals a check to back their incumbent “Team” of McLin, Whaley and Williams, but breaking ranks with the Governor and Senator Brown is big. The Montgomery County Democratic Party, the people who routinely try to (and succeed at) stop primaries, now want Read More

SEPB candidates night video: Fireworks over negative campaign material

This is the full meeting. Sorry it took so long to get up. 15 Oct. 2009 the candidates participated in a “forum” at the South East Priority Board Offices. Attending were David Esrati, Joey D. Williams, Nan Whaley, Rhine McLin, Gary Leitzell, Deidre Logan, Joe Lacey, Yvvone Isaacs, Ron Lee, Jim Weir. It gets interesting Read More

Committees and consultants don’t build confidence

If you keep electing the same people and expect a different result, you’ve got a problem. If you read the story in today’s Dayton Daily News about the candidates’ position on jobs, you won’t hear anything different than you heard four or eight or twelve years ago. In fact, the “streamlining” of the permit process Read More

DDN Endorsement of Williams and Whaley- complete text

OUR RECOMMENDATION DAYTON CITY COMMISSION Williams, Whaley easily best for city This year should be a tough election for incumbents on.the Dayton City Commission. The city keeps shrinking in population, keeps having to make painful budget cuts, has seen record numbers of home foreclosures, loses NCR, shows up near the top of embarrassing lists and Read More

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