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One of the most important parts of government is the ability to stay in touch with the community.
I’ve been doing that with this online community- for over 4 years;

First post date 21.01.2006, 01:11
Days since first post 1325
Avg. posts per day 0.81
Avg. comments per day 6.04

If we look at each post taking half an hour- (not including moderation and response times) I’ve written 1073 posts- and at least 536 hours. And while this community isn’t limited to Dayton- there are a lot of influential people in Dayton reading this site – and adding to it.

I used to have “Made you think” as the “tagline” for this site. It’s still my mantra. If we’re not thinking about how to change or improve things- having a debate, or discussion or at least a conversation- how can we move forward? It always bewilders me how the Dayton City Commission prides itself on its 5-0 unanimous votes- no discussion, no questions- just all say “aye.”

I believe in open, honest government. I’ve fought the illegal Commission “work sessions” as much as I can as an outsider. As a commissioner, this practice will stop- or I will podcast every one of them. You have a right to watch over your government. Don’t ever forget it. I’ve fought slush funds, no bid contracts, exposed graft, political corruption. All of it- unpaid- and, uncompensated.

Not long ago, a reader thought we’d reached a new record for comments on a post. It wasn’t even close, it turns out, but, I thought today, I’d put up the most commented posts for you to review your handiwork:

The Foundry closed- because “Originals not wanted” (134)
Sarah Palin: Cheerleader for the Grand White Party (77)
Maybe we’re thinking of the wrong kind of unigov? (72)
The mystery of 10 N. Williams Street (68)
It’s not the kids, it’s the parents. (61)
And for only $10 Billion…. (58)
The problems with property taxes- an opening discussion (54)
Cash for clunkers vs Cash for CEOs (54)
From a consultant: DPS doesn’t need no stinkin outside consultant (50)
Bad investments by government (50)
It’s the county fair every day but Sunday at Tony’s (50)
Is America becoming a third world country? (48)
Jared Diamond must have seen the Esrati Priceless video (48)
Why Johnny Q. Public can’t pay his mortgage but can bail out Wall Street (48)
Reynolds bails on downtown (45)
Ohio Supreme Court kills residency requirements (45)
So now, they start working on a plan for the local economy? (44)
Seth Godin on running for office- (44)
Clueless Matt Joseph (44)
And another one packs her bags (43)

I can’t even say that these are my favorites- but they are the ones that got you going.

Some of you who joined the conversation late- may want to click through a few. Some, may have more to say.

As I walk the neighborhoods, I ask people to look at this site- and compare it to the sites of my opponents.

Where are their ideas, where is the input from people like you? Do they even care?

If you had to pick one of the posts above as the best or worst, what would it be? Which one has the best discussion? Where do I make the biggest fool of myself- and did you set me straight?

Can you imagine putting the power of all of your great minds together to help formulate the answers for our Dayton’s future?

That’s why I’ve been asking for your support to help me serve you on the Dayton City Commission.
Please, consider donating, or volunteering. To be the peoples voice, I need your support, not that of the power brokers who have run our community into the ground.

Thanks for the last four years- and I’m looking to four more, as a Commissioner. Our Dayton, Your Voice.

But, I also have to remind myself- stay humble, because for all my “ego”- the most visited page is still:

Chinese Shar Pei puppies in Dayton for sale (NO MO… 3441 23% September 7, 2009 11:52 am

Cheers! Have a great labor day.

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