There will be a primary if all signatures clear.

The Montgomery County Board of Elections received a whole bunch of petitions today. Now, the wait comes for them to check to see who has 500 valid signatures and who doesn’t. Their findings will be presented to the Board on Tuesday for approval.

Here is the list of candidates: Italics signifies incumbents

Mayor    Larry E. Ealy     204 S. Woodward Ave Dayton 45417
Mayor    James R Greene III    1820  Ruskin Rd Dayton 45406
Mayor    Gary D. Leitzell     114  Volkenand Ave Dayton 45410
Mayor    Rhine  McLin     23 N Paul Laurence Dunbar St Dayton 45402
Mayor    Tojuan W Minus     2535  Bridgeport Dr. Dayton 45406

Commissioner    Donald Allen Domineck Jr    1035  Superior Ave Dayton 45402
Commissioner    David  Esrati     113  Bonner St. Dayton 45410
Commissioner    Lorana M Kelly     2235  Ravenwood Ave Dayton 45406
Commissioner    Mark Anthony Newberry     910  Crestmore Ave Dayton 45402
Commissioner    Nannette L Whaley     217  Wroe Ave Dayton 45406
Commissioner    Joey D Williams     1229  Sunnyview Ave Dayton 45406

Top 2 candidates for Mayor go on to general election if 3 or more turn in qualifying petitions.

Top 4 candidates for Commission go on to general election if 5 or more turn in qualifying petitions. Once the ballot is confirmed, I’ll start to gather info on each candidate, their website and their positions for you. I’ll also keep you up to date on candidates nights and debates and anything that can help you make your decision.

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I’d love to see a map with the addresses of the various candidates pinpointed.

Robert Alredge

As I read about the Election for Major and the story on Mr. James R Green III, He did not have valid signatures on the ballot, also His pititons was rejected on the grounds of  invalidating signatures form the Superme Courts, I read the City charter includes no such criteria. I can understand that he needs 500 hundred signatures to enter the Ballot, has he standed he signatures was valid. On what grounds besides the signtures that he was not put on the Ballot for Mayor.

Robert Alredge
Southwest college

I am doing an article on Mr. J. Green III

Robert Alredge

The article was written on April 14 2009
By Jonne Huist Smith “Staff  Writer”