c[space candidates forum: birth of the “Esrati rule”


Candidates night at c[space hosted by upDayton and the League of Women Voters. Candidates from left to right, Gary Leitzell, Rhine McLin, Nan Whaley, Joey D. Williams and David Esrati.

A few thoughts:

  • Good lighting makes for better video.
  • Don’t expect candidates to speak from their seat when there is a HUGE POLE in front of them. Podiums, or a single mic work best.
  • Combining questions into mega-questions by combining them, makes it easier for politicians to pick and choose answers
  • Don’t use a 1 hour Flip Cam when it goes over an hour (and don’t try to record the levy people first).

So, the end is cut off- I took out my iPhone and made an audio recording of the end.

There is a bit of a gap.


Thanks to Gary Leppela for running a tight ship and announcing each speaker- which saved me subtitling.

Why don’t all the other candidates supply video for you? Why didn’t upDayton make their own? Why am I the candidate and the news team- all in one? Is it because I’m the only one who believes in democracy and an informed electorate. This is one of the best examples of what to expect if you elect me. No more secret meetings.

It was nice to see that my moving around- and standing behind the “team” spooked them enough to ask the League of Women voters to change the rules- as you can see by the instructions handed out last night at Ruskin School.

The "Esrati rule" for candidates forums

The "Esrati rule" for candidates forums

Sorry it took so long to post- still figuring out the best workflow for the Flip Cam to Youtube. That the lighting was horrible made for some bad compression artifacts, bringing Final Cut Pro to it’s knees.

UPDATE 9 oct 09: upDayton posted their video:

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