Joey D Williams adds a platform to his site

Joey Williams got beefed up his platform over the weekend. Now instead of just the bullet points, there are also FAQ’s. The navigation is a bit rough, but it’s substance, which is severely lacking over at Nan Whaley’s site.

From his site, jump to the link to read the answers to the FAQ:

* Steadfast concentration on financial stability

* Developing initiatives to create jobs

* Keeping safety a top priority

* Enhancing youth development activities

* Further developing regional cooperation opportunities

* Continued focus on senior citizens and all members of our community

Frequently Asked Questions & Joey’s Answers:

* Commissioner Williams, what have you done to help the youth?

* Commissioner Williams, what have you done to help Dayton’s financial position?

* Commissioner Williams, outside of your activities to help keep the city’s budget balanced and your work towards the youth, what other activities do you point to show your effectiveness?

* Commissioner Williams, can you better clarify your position on the City’s 2007 local anti-discrimination vote?

* Commissioner Williams, what are your thoughts on regionalism?

* Commissioner Williams, what community activities and meetings do you attend?

* Commissioner Williams, what are your ideas on economic development and job growth for City?

via Joey D Williams – Platform.

Still no ability to hold a conversation online, in public, but- it’s a good start toward a substantive discussion of the issues. I plan to read all his responses this evening.

On another note, I pose this question to Joey, who has always abided by the anti-negative campaigning guidelines set out by the League Of Women Voters: What is your position on the smear site launched and paid for by the Montgomery County Democratic Party? I also pose this question to other elected Dems- how do you feel about your party investing effort in a smear site, when the actual party site is still full of placeholder greek text?

Will any of the elected officials condemn the actions of their party?

Stay tuned to see how this turns out.

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