Who owns the Montgomery County Democratic Party Headquarters?

I attended an organizing meeting for Bernie Sanders for President tonight at the Montgomery County Democratic Party HQ on S. Wilkinson Street. There were about 40 people in attendance. That equals what sometimes shows up for a MCDP meeting.

Apparently, there is a question whether Democrats can meet to organize in their own building without permission of Party Chairman, and Dayton Clerk of Courts- Mark Owens. The very one who was against the recent move to regionalism because it:

could lead to the disenfranchisement of Dayton’s 140,000 residents when pushed into a larger voting block
It’s no secret that the people behind the curtain who run the MCDP and choose candidates and endorse before primaries in local races, have already come out in support of Hillary Clinton, but is it their right to stop other Dems from organizing? To stop primary elections from taking place?
If the local Democratic party doesn’t believe in the Democratic process, maybe it’s time to withdraw their credentials, stop them from nominating half of the Board of Elections, since they don’t really stand for all Dems- just the ones they’ve already put in power.
Jon Husted, can we get an investigation?
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