High speed rail

Photo of scooter knocked over by Derecho winds in Downtown Dayton Ohio

Third world infrastructure in the United States

Last Thursday, July 26, 2012, was confirmation day: The United States is indeed a third world nation. My partner in life was supposed to fly back from LA to JFK to CVG (Cincinnati). Her flight out of LA was delayed, then when she got to JFK, her flight to Cincinnati was cancelled due to “weather” Read More

Obama releases high-speed rail plan

[UPDATE 17 April] The original title of this post was: “Obama unveils high-speed rail plan without Ohio on it” My reader, Cartophiliac, found the link to a map- and yes- Ohio is on it. It seems Obama didn’t ignore us, just the New York Times. However, there are comments, and some info about the Greyhound Read More

The slow train may as well be no train.

I’m a huge fan of high-speed rail. I’m a huge fan of trains in general. When I travel for business from Tampa to Jacksonville, I take the train—$29 one way—and it’s a wonderful way to travel. However, it doesn’t go much faster than a car either—and still takes 5 hours for the trip (when everything Read More

Real creativity, comes from thinking big

Dayton, 2012: Two years into unigov, we’ve consolidated all fire, police, street maintenance, and brought all parks and recreation facilities together under 5 Rivers Metro parks banner. It’s not just Montgomery County either- it’s including Greene and Northern Warren. Population is almost doubled for the Metro region. The finishing touches are going on SportsPlex down Read More

Turner wants to help DHL dodge taxes

When is a gift not a gift? When it helps a foreign investor who has already received millions in tax breaks and subsidies over the years- avoid paying more taxes after it shafts its American workforce. In yet another bit of “political logic” Mike Turner wants DHL to give “the community” back a white elephant Read More

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