Obama releases high-speed rail plan

The Obama high-speed rail plan map[UPDATE 17 April] The original title of this post was: “Obama unveils high-speed rail plan without Ohio on it”

My reader, Cartophiliac, found the link to a map- and yes- Ohio is on it. It seems Obama didn’t ignore us, just the New York Times.

However, there are comments, and some info about the Greyhound station moving- so this post will remain.

We’ve talked about a high-speed rail plan in Ohio for years. Now, when the Federal government is ready to push this green technology, Ohio isn’t ready with plans to put us on the map.

The government has identified 10 corridors of 100 to 600 miles in length with greatest promise for high-speed development.

They are: a northern New England line; an Empire line running east to west in New York State; a Keystone corridor running laterally through Pennsylvania; a southeast network connecting the District of Columbia to Florida and the Gulf Coast; a Gulf Coast line extending from eastern Texas to western Alabama; a corridor in central and southern Florida; a Texas-to-Oklahoma line; a California corridor where voters have already approved a line that will allow travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in two and a half hours; and a corridor in the Pacific Northwest.

via Obama Unveils High-Speed Rail Plan – NYTimes.com.

In Dayton, we’re having a whine fest over relocating the Greyhound terminal- missing the point completely that inter-modal transportation is the future.

Instead of discussing putting the Greyhound terminal in the new parking facility at the Airport, and running RTA buses to the airport. We have people unhappy that Greyhound might move to Trotwood.

In the meantime, bus transportation is making a comeback- in Cincinnati, with the Megabus. An associate just went to Chicago via Megabus, with wi-fi at her upper deck seat for $39 one way. Had she booked earlier- it could have been less.

It’s critical for Ohio’s future to have solutions that aren’t based on cars. Right now, our elected officials should be scrambling to Washington to get our high-speed rail line on their radar.

Sorry for the misinformation.

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